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  Go to your browser and find the video you want to download from YouTube. Click a video to play it, then pause it. Navigate to the video URL, add "ss" before " .." and press Enter. You will be redirected to another page where you can save the video. This page is the parent site of known as to your browser and search for the video you want to download using the YouTube search engine. Click on the video to play it and then pause it. Go to the video URL and add "ss" before the "…" and click enter. You will be directed to another page where you will save the video.Find and paste the URL of the video in the input field Click the green "Download" button to save it, or choose the format you like (MP3, MP4, WEBM, 3GP). Then click on the gray arrow on the right of the Download button in order to choose the preferred format. Now you can enjoy the videos and playlists offline!.Open the Youtube video page you want to save, copy its URL, and return to 2. Paste the URL into the input field Paste the URL into the input field of the top of the page and click on the right side of the button. 3. Click the download button By default the best quality will be selected.Open Youtube video download website and enter the video's URL to the corresponding field, at the top of the page. Click "Download" and you'll see the list with all available links. Choose the desired format and get the file you need. That's it, as simple as that! Also, you can download app and use it on your phone.Save Youtube to mp3. Youtube mp3 converter is a standard feature of Savemedia. If you need to save Youtube music to mp3 file - look no further. 500+ sites supported. Savemedia works with a vast array of websites and video archives. Our online video converter is amazing alike no other.Online Video Downloader How to use? Online Video Downloader by SaveFrom.Net is an excellent service that helps to download online videos or music quickly and free of charge.Вспоминаю былое, ну и всё такое ;) [email protected] Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ..télécharger sur youtube sans logiciel.Masuk ke Youtube Langkah yang pertama, Anda bisa masuk ke situs Youtube melalui web browser. Kemudian cari video mana yang akan Anda download. Putar selama beberapa detik. Menambahkan "SS" Langkah yang berikutnya memasukkan "ss" tepat di depan "" (tanpa petik).1. Download Video YouTube dengan Trik "SS" lewat PC Silahkan putar video YouTube yang ingin di download menggunakan browser favorit Anda, kemudian ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini: 1.So, here is how you can download youtube videos using this "ss" trick. Step 1. You can simply do this by adding 'ss' to the url of the video (let's say this video url >>> Video unavailable This video is unavailable the Video URL that you want to download and paste it to the "Search" box. Then click "Download". Step 2. After analyzing, you can choose which type and format you want to save the video and click "Download". Step 3. In the pop-up videoplay window, click the "three dots" icon and select "download" to download this video.Go to your browser and search for the video you want to download using the YouTube search engine. Click on the video to play it and then pause it. Go to the video URL and add "ss" before the "…" as shown below and click enter. Download video from YouTube using SS You will be directed to another page where you will save the video.The magic behind this method is the double "ss" prefix, it helps you download any Youtube videos instantly, whether you are using a smartphone, Laptop/Desktop or Tablet you are good to go.Download SS Youtube Downloader for Windows to download HD YouTube videos in any format.At home, go to YouTube find the video you want to save - select it so that it is in the main window - then go up to the URL/Address bar and insert ssbetween the www. and the "Y" in YouTube and hit enter - you will be brought to another site ( that will allow you to download the video in various formats.Answer: There are many stand alone, add-on software that download videos from various sites like YouTube. Provided those video-clips are not blocked by uploader. Also ..Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services.Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.วีธีโหลดวีดีโอ Youtube. 1.เข้าไปหน้าเว็บ ที่คุณต้องการโหลด. 2.จากนั้นมองไปที่ URL ของเว็บ จากนั้นเติมคำว่า ss ก่อนหน้าคำว่า ..Download YouTube, Facebook, and 40+ sites in one click.Tải video từ Youtube - thật nhanh và dễ dàng với! Cách tuyệt vời cho phép bạn tải xuống các video Youtube bất cứ khi nào bạn muốn. Bạn có thể tải video từ HD tới FullHD theo định dạng MP4, WEBM, 3GP hoặc bất kỳ định dạng nào khác.โปรแกรมดาวน์โหลดคลิปจากtiktok ที่ Savefrom ให้บริการฟรีจะช่วยให้การดูวิดีโอแบบออฟไลน์และดาวน์โหลดในไฟล์ Full HD, HD และ SQ ได้อย่างรวดเร็วและง่ายดาย แอปดาวน์โหลด Tik Tok นี้จะแสดงรูปแบบไฟล์ทั้งหมดที่มีให้คุณก่อนการดาวน์โหลด บันทึกคลิปวิดีโอจำนวนมากได้ในคราวเดียว! หากต้องการค้นหาและดาวน์โหลดวิดีโอ Tik Tok ลองใช้โปรแกรมดาวน์โหลดออนไลน์ของเรา!.Simply, enter 'ss' after 'www.' but before ''. After you've entered it, simply press the 'Enter' button on your keyboard. Next, you get redirected to a free download site. 3. Go to the Download Site. Once redirected, there are plenty of free services to use that you don't need to download or helper adds a possibility to download mp3, video and albums with user photographs. If you want to download all music tracks from a particular page, open the menu of the helper and use the following command: "Download all mp3 files". Install. Safety is confirmed Norton™ Safe Web.วีธีโหลดวีดีโอ Youtube. 1.เข้าไปหน้าเว็บ ที่คุณต้องการโหลด. 2.จากนั้นมองไปที่ URL ของเว็บ จากนั้นเติมคำว่า ss ก่อนหน้าคำว่า ..When you want to take a screenshot on YouTube, press the PrtSc key. Then it will capture the entire screen, so you'd better play the YouTube video in full-screen mode. Step 2. Then open Word and press Ctrl + V to paste it. Step 3. Right-click on the screenshot and choose Save as picture to save it on your computer. Way 2: YouTube Screenshot ..Adds a "Screenshot" button to the YouTube video player which saves a screenshot of the currently playing video as a file, or copies it to the clipboard, or both. Optionally with keyboard shortcuts, and buttons for changing the playback rate.Download YouTube Subtitles in .srt format with this free subtitle extractor tool online. .. You can save the youtube subtitles to your computer or to mobile phone (both iphone and android devices supported). Try a Youtube url above and see how the captions will be exported.2. Dán URL vào trường đầu vào. Quay trở lại trang web và dán liên kết vào biểu mẫu, từ đầu trang và nhấp vào nút để chạy quy trình, thông thường, nó sẽ tự động bắt đầu. 3. Bấm vào nút tải xuống. Sau khi các liên kết đã sẵn sàng, bạn sẽ nhận được ..Provide users with 4 methods to the issue of how to download YouTube videos and save them without any software on the mobile device,like Win/Mac/Android/iPhone. And provide a detailed step-by-step operation explanation for each method.Free Online YouTube URL Converter to Save from YouTube Link to MP4 with the Best Quality.Save entire Youtube channels or single videos in 4K,1080p or 720p quality. Extract audio from YouTube Music in MP3, M4A or OGG. Support of 3D and 360 degree video.2. Cách tải video trên YouTube không cần sử dụng phần mềm. Nếu bạn "dị ứng" với việc phải cài đặt thêm ứng dụng thì mới có thể tải được video trên YouTube, có một cách đơn giản hơn mà không cần phải cài đặt rườm rà là thêm ss vào URL của video. Ví dụ: Nếu URL của video cần tải về là:.Additionally, you can listen to music offline using the YouTube Music app, as well. Similar to other video streaming services, YouTube Premium provides unlimited access to YouTube videos and music, at a price that's cheaper than other streaming services. Unlike youtube-dl, however, YouTube Premium only allows users to view videos from in the app.Download and save Youtube videos on your computer as MP4, FLV, WebM formats without installing any software with our web application.Mac: Double-click the setup file, verify the installation if necessary, click and drag the 4K Video Downloader app icon onto the "Applications" folder, and follow any on-screen instructions. Go to in a web browser. Go to the video you want to download. The video should begin playing.How do I download or save a YouTube video to my computer? YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch and view videos on their website.Answer (1 of 20): You can find your saved videos under the "Watch Later" section on the right hand side panel. Take reference from the image.Not really related to WA. But it's handy to know and something I'd never heard of before. I always used an add-on to the browser to do this. But there is a far simpler way. SS They are the magic.- save mp3 files with proper titles, - check bitrate and file size of an audio file, - save the playlist on the computer (to listen to it later on your player). Replacing the links Additionally, helper enables you to download files from more than 100 popular websites, including and etc.This is why it doesn't surprise me that you want to know how to download and save YouTube videos. So did I, and luckily, there is a way. Let's face it, there's nothing worse than losing wifi or data coverage when you're halfway through the new Taylor Swift music video and your train goes under a tunnel (you know, as a random example ….YTD2 is a free Java application for downloading youtube videos as flv/mp4 files. Should run on all platforms where Java is supported. GNU General Public License V3. Using components. Based on the idea of "ytd" by rafalfr. 23 Reviews.Click the save button and YouTube will ask you in what resolution (HD, Full HD, 360p, etc.) do you want to save the YouTube video with their calculated size. Choose the desired video quality and the YouTube video will be saved in your phone.With those disclaimers out of the way, it's good to know that not all uses of YouTube converters are illegal, but that still doesn't mean it's a risk-free way to get free content.Here are the steps: Step 1: Download and install Wise Video Downloader, which is a totally free for windows users. Step 2: Copy the video link you want to download. After launching the program, you need to copy the web address of the video which you want to download. And then click "Download". Step 3: Select download format.Step 3: Export and Download. To begin saving your YouTube video as an MP4 click, "Export Video" at the top right side of the screen. If you're on a mobile device, you'll see it at the top center of the screen. Kapwing will extract the video from YouTube and process it as an MP4 file. Once your video has been processed, you can save the YouTube ..In the video link on the address bar, type in "ss" after "www." but before "" Click Enter on your computer keyboard, and it will direct you to the website, where you will make several choices such as video resolution and video size. After selecting your preferred choices, click on the "Download" option. 7.Try EaseUS MobiMover Free Video Downloader, which is a 100% free and stable video downloading tool enabling you to save videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and other pop websites from URL.Free, open source, works great, not adware for something that costs money, constantly updated to stay ahead of web site changes, easy to update, written in Python so I can see the source and understand it, works on other web sites not just youtube, has a GitHub project where you can read the source and even submit pull requests, has tons of ..Go to the video you'd like to save to your SD card. Tap Download below the video.; If your device loses its connection while you're downloading a video or playlist, the download will automatically resume when you reconnect to the internet.This post lists the top 7 YouTube audio downloaders to help you download music from YouTube for free and easily.If you want to save your favorite YouTube videos as audio files, certain websites and software can strip out the music tracks and convert them into MP3 files, which you can then save to your ..เข้าแอปฯ Youtube เพื่อเลือกวิดีโอที่ต้องการดาวน์โหลด แล้วกดปุ่มแชร์ด้านล้างของวิดีโอ เพื่อ Copy link. 3. เข้าแอปฯ Save Master แล้วกดวางลิงก์ ..Step 4. Click "Tools" > "Codec Information". Step 5. Copy the content in the Location section and paste it into the address bar of a browser. Step 6. Click "More" > "Download" to save the video to your PC. As you can see, this is not a direct way to download videos from YouTube. But it's workable.2. ดาวน์โหลดวิดีโอ Youtube ขณะเล่น (Youtube Premium) อีกวิธีคือการดาวน์โหลดจากหน้าจอของวิดีโอที่เราทำการเปิดหรือเล่นอยู่ในขณะนั้น โดย ..You can also specify a location to save the video. 6. Open the YouTube video you want to record and play it. 7. Click the Record button on the toolbar to start YouTube video screen-recording. 8. When the video is over or you want to stop recording, you need to click the Stop Recording button in the menu bar.Whether you need to save your most loved videos so you can watch them notwithstanding when you are offline, or need to make a kickass YouTube remix, it tends to be pleasant to have a couple of convenient devices available to you to get videos off of YouTube and onto your PC or Apple Macbook.Open the video, select Share below the video, choose Pinterest, pick your board, and click Save. Pinning a video from YouTube to one of your Pinterest boards is a great way to offer more comprehensive information on your topic.SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY. $ 24.99. Option. Choose an option L M S XL XXL. Clear. SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY quantity. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. SKU: SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY Categories: All Shirts, Short Sleeve.In this article, you'll learn 3 comprehensive methods on how to save YouTube videos to computer, mobile phone or tablet in 8K/4K/1080p/720p resolution.Follow the methods to save videos from YouTube to watch various YouTube contents on different devices without being connected to the Internet.NOTE: VLC Player will save your video file as 1080p. It does not allow to store any higher resolution, even if the actual YouTube stream is available in 2160p or 1440p. This tool also won't convert your video to your other preferred format.วิธี Download Youtube ลงมือถือโดยใช้แอปฯ Youtube เองนั้น เป็นวิธีโหลดวีดีโอมาดูแบบออฟไลน์ ที่ง่ายสุดแล้ว ไม่ว่าจะเป็นคนที่ใช้ Youtube แบบ ..Light green blue breeze short sleeve shirt with a leaf pattern turtle; starfish; and shell; the phrase "Be Simple Live Better"; and the Simply Southern logo on the back. Small Simply Southern logo with a turtle on the front chest. Pre-shrunk and ring-spun 100% cotton with ribbed crew neckline. Unisex sizing.After reading this article, you will know five easy and fast ways to download YouTube videos on Mac. Apply one of them to save YouTube videos to your Mac and then you can watch offline without an Internet connection. As the biggest video site in the world, YouTube has a wide range of users who search, view and upload videos every day.3,172 votes and 620 comments so far on Reddit.Description. Conch pink short sleeve shirt with the moon setting against the sea horizon inside of a turtle silhouette; the phrase "Stars can't shine without darkness"; and the Simply Southern Logo on the back. Small Simply Southern logo with a small turtle on the front chest. Pre-shrunk and ring-spun 100% cotton with ribbed crew neckline.Crepe light pink short sleeve shirt with a leopard pattern and criss-cross blue pattern crab with an the SS Southern logo on its back and the Simply Southern logo on the back. Small Simply Southern logo with a crab on the front chest. Pre-shrunk and ring-spun 100% cotton with ribbed crew neckline. Unisex sizing.How to Copy the YouTube Video Link . If you want only the hyperlink for a YouTube video, you'll find it at the bottom of the SHARE menu, along with the option to copy the link to the clipboard. This is a great way to capture the video's address to share it over a non-supported social media website, post it in a comments section, or compose your own message.Here, meet three essential crew members who tried to save the SS El Faro. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! In order to view the gallery ..Online Youtube indir, her tür medyayı iyi bilinen bir platformdan kolayca indirmenize yardımcı olan bir çözümdür. Youtube video indiricisi sayesinde artık tüm favori Youtube videolarınız ücretsiz olarak indirilebilir, böylece internet bağlantısı olmayan veya dengesiz internet bağlantısı olan bir yerde bile istediğiniz yerde ve istediğiniz zaman keyfini çıkarabilirsiniz.I'm blocking the comments because I'm afraid there will be dislikes and malicious comments.2. Copy the video link from the browser. 3. Press 'Paste Url' button in 4K Video Downloader application. 4. Select a quality type in the download window and press 'Download' button. 5. Then it remains only to wait until the downloading is completed and play downloaded video. You can also watch a complete video guide " How to Use 4K Video ..Method 1: Extract the Video Information. Here are the detailed steps: Step 1: Go to YouTube and copy the video link in the address bar. Step 2: Launch VLC media player to access its interface. Then, switch to the Media tab and choose the Open Network Stream option from the drop-down menu. Step 3: Paste the video link into the Network Protocol area and then click the Play button.To save YouTube music to your computer, it only needs three steps. Step 1: Copy the video link of YouTube music and go to MP3hub and paste the video URL into the search box. Step 2: Choose the music you'd like to save.You will get a list of all The Available Youtube Video Thumbnail Qualities, Which you can Choose From High Quality(HQ), High Definition (HD), 4K, 720p, 1080p Thumbnail, Low Quality and Medium Quality Youtube Thumbnails are also available.Step 7: Paste this link into your Chrome or Firefox browser address bar and hit Enter. This would either start the video playback in your web browser or directly show you the download video dialog. In case the browser starts playing the video, right-click anywhere on the video and select Save video as from the context menu to save the YouTube video to the desired location on your PC/laptop.Install our Twitter video downloader extension to your browser and save your videos four times faster. Our extension for Chrome adds a green "Download" button right under each post which contains a video or GIF. When you click the button you will see a page with several quality options for downloading. Add to Chrome browser Add to Firefox ..A monument to the American can-do spirit… The SS United States represents our common values, our strengths, and the epic scope and scale of our ambition. Her story is our story, and today, America's Flagship needs our help. Join us as we unite to save and restore this irreplaceable icon to the glory and dignity she deserves.The best tech tutorials and in-depth reviews; Try a single issue or save on a subscription; Issues delivered straight to your door or device.It's common that you may want to save a YouTube video to your computer or mobile devices to watch it offline when there is no or a poor Internet connection. However, it's known that YouTube disallows users to save YouTube videos to a computer. Unless you are using a mobile device and have subscribed to YouTube Premium, you won't be allowed to ..STEP 1: copy video URL from browser or app to clipboard. Usually URL can be easily located via social share button. STEP 2: paste URL from clipboard to the white input-box above and press big red GO button, download options will load. STEP 3: now select the codec format, dimension and file size, convert online video to mp4 or mp3 and download.The problem with online services that promise video downloading is that they don't last long. In fact, an earlier version of this article contained a list of 11 such services, most of which don't ..Přehrávání YouTube videí s vypnutou obrazovkou. Jak stáhnout hudbu z YouTube do mp3. Poslední tlačítko zprava „Stáhnout" (ikona šipky mířící dolů) umožní stáhnout sledované video. Na výběr je videoklip i audio soubor. Před stažením si můžete vybrat, v jaké kvalitě a tím pádem i velikosti stažený soubor bude.YouTube. Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what's popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device. Every family has their own approach ..While it is faster to embed a YouTube video to play in your PowerPoint presentation, the downside of this is that you must have a live internet connection for the YouTube video to play. Rather than depend on this outside variable that may or may not work for you when it is your time in the spotlight, it is better to insert the YouTube video right into your PowerPoint presentation.Using Inovideo is simple, copy and paste the URL of the desired video, select the output format, click "Download", and once the download is finished, click "Finished" and the video will be saved to the desired destination. Some of the coolest features the tool boasts of are fast downloading speed, getting videos in UHD, FHD, and HD formats.преузимање How to download youtube videos in laptop & PC|save youtube video mp3 file (5.81 MB) with just follow Absolutely free Songs Archive presents a different time of Radio Cost-free Culture, a weekly podcast Checking out problems in the intersection of electronic tradition along with the arts. Youll be able to eaisly appreciate lots of preferred music in this free of charge MP3 ..Downloading YouTube videos onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to watch later is a great way to pass the time if you don't have Wi-Fi available. You won't have to be bored during a long trip or if you're visiting an area with limited data.Processing. Please wait.Save YouTube videos to your iPhone for offline viewing. Store your favorite clips so you can watch them even when you're not connected. Rick Broida. March 24, 2016 12:57 p.m. PT. Rick Broida.The Shell script can just be two lines, one to cd change directory to where you want the movie saved, and the second to run youtube-dl passing the URL. With that done save the Automator Service with a suitable name like "Save Youtube Movie".Summary: Are you looking for YouTube videos to MP4 free conversion methods?Read on to know the best free YouTube to MP4 converters to play favorite videos offline anytime on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. Also, learn how Stellar Converter for Audio Video quickly converts multiple YouTube videos to MP4 format without losing quality.Troubleshoot problems playing videos Troubleshoot account issues Fix upload problems Fix YouTube Premium membership issues Get help with the YouTube Partner Program Watch videos Find videos to watch Change video settings Watch videos on different devices Comment, subscribe, & connect with creators Save or share videos & playlists Troubleshoot ..By default (and for the official releases for Windows), Saturn emulation is only compiled in for builds for some 64-bit architectures (x86_64, AArch64, PPC64). The separate SSF playback module does not have this limitation. Mednafen's Sega Saturn emulation is extremely CPU intensive. The minimum recommended CPU is a quad-core Intel Haswell ..SS-SAVE-LEAVES-BREEZE Login to see prices. Add to wishlist. SKU: SS-SAVE-LEAVES-BREEZE Categories: All Shirts, Short Sleeve. Description Size Chart Additional information Description. SS-SAVE-LEAVES-BREEZE. Weight: 0.44 lbs. Size Chart . S. M. L. XL. 2XL . Unisex (Chest) 34-36. 38-40. 42-44. 46-50. 50-52. Ladies (Size) 4-6. 8-10. 12-14.SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY Login to see prices. Add to wishlist. SKU: SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY Categories: All Shirts, Short Sleeve. Description Size Chart Additional information Description. SS-SAVE-LOGO-FOLLY. Weight: 0.385 lbs. Size Chart . S. M. L. XL. 2XL . Unisex (Chest) 34-36. 38-40. 42-44. 46-50. 50-52. Ladies (Size) 4-6. 8-10. 12-14.SS-SAVE-DARKNESS-CONCH Login to see prices. Add to wishlist. SKU: SS-SAVE-DARKNESS-CONCH Categories: All Shirts, Short Sleeve. Size Chart Additional information Size Chart . S. M. L. XL. 2XL . Unisex (Chest) 34-36. 38-40. 42-44. 46-50. 50-52. Ladies (Size) 4-6. 8-10. 12-14. 18-20. 20-22 . Youth - Retail (Size) 6-8. 10-12. 14-16.Youth - Retail (Size) 6-8. 10-12.YouTube. 86,907,206 likes · 165,788 talking about this. The latest and greatest music videos, trends and channels from YouTube.About Blog How YouTube Works Jobs Press YouTube Culture & Trends YouTube Go YouTube Kids YouTube Music YouTube Originals YouTube Premium YouTube Select YouTube Studio YouTube TV Developers YouTube Advertising Creating for YouTube Kids Creator Research Creator Services Directory YouTube Artists YouTube Creators YouTube NextUp YouTube Space ..Introducing YouTube Music. A new music streaming service coming soon. Sign up for updates and a chance to get early access.While incognito, the YouTube app behaves as if you aren't signed in to your account. Your account activity, like your subscriptions or watch history, won't influence your YouTube experience. 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