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  How to use Twitter Downloader ? 1. Paste the link of video you want to download 2. Click "Download" button to begin downloading process 3. Select the mp4/mp3 format you want to download, then click "Download" button SaveTweetVid is offcially not associated with Twitter.Goto your Twitter Account Go to the specific page on Twitter that contains the video or GIF image file you want. Right Click on the video or the GIF image and copy video or GIF link Paste the link in the form and press Download button Our site will automaticly create 3 buttons with All Available video Quality (UHD - HD - SD ).Select what you want to save and click on the "Direct Download" button under the video you need How to copy twit link in Twitter application Open the Twitter app and select the tweet you like (or click on this post to open it) At the bottom right, you will see the Share icon () Click the "Share" icon and select "Copy Link".So, below are the steps to save the video. Open Twitter and click on the arrow icon of the tweet, which has a video. Click on the "Copy link to tweet" option. Now the video tweet link is copied to the clipboard. Paste the link in the URL of the browser. After that, write the "mobile." (without quotes) before the and press Enter.If you are in the official app, copy the link from the "Share" popup bar. Paste into the input field Open the website in a new tab and paste the tweet URL in the form on top of the page. Then click the "Download" button on the right to get the page with links to the video. Download Twitter video.We put much effort to create it. 1 Find Link Copy the Twitter gif video link by clicking Share and choosing Copy link to Tweet. 2 Paste Link Paste the Twitter gif video link in the box above and hit the Download button. 3 Download Click Download to download gif video. Download Twitter videos and gifs with TWSaveVideo the Twitter Video Downloader HD.Depending on your browser and settings, you can click the down-arrow icon to start the video download, or you can right-click the video and select "Download Video" in the drop-down menu. Method 2 Using the sssTwitter Site 1 Open Twitter. Go to in your computer's web browser. This will open your Twitter feed if you're logged in.1. Install the Download Twitter Videos app on your Android phone or tablet. (Image credit: Google) 2. Open the video you want to download in the official Twitter app, and press the "Share" button ..- here's the link to the app: Fw the Instagram: guys! You ever see a meme or video you want to save but it's on Twitter. Instead of getting blurry screen recordings, download them in HD. Hope this vide..Step 5 Transfer Twitter Video to the Camera Roll In this step, you need to click on the download button at the bottom of the Documents by Readdle app and select the option saying Move to photos. This step will move the downloaded video to the Camera Roll folder on your phone. Method 2: Using MyMedia APP View full content.So here is how to copy video from Twitter DM: Open Twitter and log in your account. Go to the message that has the video on it and open it. Scroll the messages to keep the video on your screen and press the F12 key. This will open Google's developer tools on the right side. Click on the Network tab. You will find a small search box.For a quick download of a Twitter video you can add the prefix "" or "" before the video url in the url address bar. You can also go to website and past the twitter video url to the dedicated field to run the download. The video will be saved to your device. How to download video from Twitter Online?.Open the Twitter app and navigate to the tweet that has the video you want to save. Tap on the Share button, and then look for Twitter Video Downloader V2.6 in the list of options; tap it. The..Select an option between High, Medium, and Low to download the video at your preferred quality. In the next prompt that appears, select Allow . This should save the selected Twitter video on your iPhone library. To access the downloaded video, open the Photos app and go to Albums > Recents and the video should show on the screen.How to Download Twitter Videos and Gifs? Copy the URL Copy the video/gif url to download twitter video/gif. Paste URL Paste the url into the address bar and click download to start downloading twitter video/gif. Save Twitter Video or Gif Click the download button to save twitter video or gif to your computer. Why Download Videos/Gifs from Twitter.Check out yourself how to save videos on Twitter DM using VLC player: Step 1. Download and install the latest VLC player on your computer, if you haven't already. Step 2. Now, open your Twitter account and copy the link of the DM video you want to save for posterity. Step 3.To learn how to save Twitter videos on iPhone using an online tool known as Twitter Video Downloader, follow the steps below: Step 1: Open the Twitter application on your iPhone and then locate the video you would like to save to your iPhone. Step 2: Below the video, click the share icon and then select the Copy Link option.Saving Twitter Videos to your Android device. The drill is the same for Android devices too, only the tools change. For our Android handsets, we can use the Download Twitter Videos app. It's as smoothly built for use as it has been named. You can adjust the video resolution in the settings.Simply go through the steps detailed below to download the twitter video: Step 1. Open your Twitter account and select the video that you wish to download. Step 2. Also right click on the video and then copy the video link from the address bar. Step 3. Once you have copied the video link, visit the website Step 4.Save video bots on Twitter. On Twitter, several bots use web browsers to help download videos to your gallery. Examples of these bots are saveMyVideo, get videobot, Sendvideobot, savevidbot, thisvideobot and the list keeps going. They give you a variety of bots to choose from to save your video.Verdict: Download Twitter Videos is one of the best applications that comes without a premium subscription plan and has an easy-to-navigate interface. This app uses a database that allows you to save searches and Internet traffic to avoid downloading the same videos and GIF files. In this Twitter GIF downloader, you won't see a lot of annoying ads.Go to the Chrome web store, search for "Twitter video downloader", and then add the extension to your browser. Step 2. Restart your browser. Step 3. Go to Twitter and sign in. And you will see there is a "Download" button under each video or GIF. Step 4. Find the video you want to save and click "Download" underneath. Step 5.How To Save Video From Twitter - don't know how to save video from twitter? So watch this video it easy and simple to do. Yo..Save the video is Online Video Downloader. Whenever you see a watch an amazing video on any website you always thought to save it but most probably the website will not allow you do it because it is the loss of there traffic and now you have to start searching from where you can download the video and even after that you will find a spammy website with full of ads just craving for your single ..The second, and not so dramatic, reason to have Twitter Video Downloader on hand is to save content for future reuse. This is not about stealing somebody's content. This is more about curating content. As you know Twitter is a field in which content is circulating so fast, where user-generated content is so viral and so unique, and your ..The latest tweets from @savethisvideo.The latest tweets from @save_video.All you have to do is mention DownloadThisVideo (" @this_vid " anywhere in your tweet) in a reply to the tweet that contains the video you want. The bot will (possibly) reply when your download is ready. However, Twitter bots can only send 300 automated tweets every three hours. As the DownloadThisVideo account has gained massive popularity ..