how to save videos from tumblr

  Only 2 steps can save Tumblr videos on Android device. Step 1: Login to Tumblr and browse the video you want to save. Step 2: Having selected a video, tap on "play" button and then you will get the "download videos" option. You can easily save these videos to your phone. Also see: How to Save Video from Dailymotion | Save HD and Full ..Whenever you want to download a video simply click the Share button and then choose Tumbloader as the share option. This will open the video file in Tumbloader app. Step 3: Click on the Download button to download the video to your phone. Tumbloader also lets you download videos from Instagram as well. The process is quite the same.Step 2 Copy the URL from a Tumblr video Go to the Tumblr site and find the video clip you need to download. Get the URL by clicking the share icon and copy the video link. Step 3 Download video from Tumblr Mac Paste the URL into software, and click the button to start Tumblr video download on Mac.How to Save Tumblr Videos. Saving Video Directly from Tumblr; The first method of downloading videos from Tumblr is probably the simplest and most straightforward, making it great for users who are looking to save several videos as quickly as possible. Step 1: Find the video on Tumblr that you want to download.Copy a Tumblr video URL: share > copy link after picking out the desired content on Tumblr. Switch to the Tumblr downloader using any browser to insert the video URL into the Tumblr converter's insert box. Click on the download icon to upload the video into a device's "Downloads" folder. 5 reasons to try the Tumblr video download tool.Follow the steps below to save videos from Tumblr in high quality and original resolution. 1. Launch 4K Video Downloader. It's available for macOS, Windows and Linux, and Android. Get 4K Video Downloader Download 2. Copy the link to the Tumblr video you want to download. 3. Click the Paste Link button. 4. Select the format and quality. 5.iTube is a simple way through how to download and save Tumblr videos in a few clicks or download Twitch VODs. This software has a unique design. It has a very easy-to-use interface. iTube software is well organized. It allows users to save videos from more than 10,000 video-sharing websites.One of the easiest ways of downloading Tumblr videos to Mac or Windows PC is to use a third-party tool. An example of a Tumblr downloader you can use on your Mac or PC is AceThinker Video Keeper. The tool claims that it has the ability to download videos from other open source websites, including Facebook, and YouTube.Go to the Tumblr app, browse the video you wish to download, right-click on that video and select Copy to copy the Tumblr video URL. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to Paste the copied Tumblr video link in the box and hit the Dredown button. The site will offer you some available downloading options in different formats and sizes.Answer (1 of 8): No, you can't. You can however save videos from Tumblr onto your computer, by viewing the source code of the div the video is contained into, and then finding the direct link to the file, then it'll be a HTML5 player you can just "save as".Then, choose Settings and the blog you want to save, then click the Export button at the bottom of the new screen. The site will start processing your blog information (which will take forever,..Go to any media (picture or video) in the Tumblr app, press share, and choose Tumbload from the list of applications. Tumbload will now transfer the material to your phone. This way, you can save videos from Tumblr on your smartphone. Here's how you can download the videos using this app. Step 1: Open the Tumblr app.To download Tumblr videos online: Step 1. Go to Tumblr, click the video which you want to download, and copy its link. Step 2. Paste the URL of the video to the address bar of the online Tumblr downloader, then press the "Download" button. Step 3. A list of download options available is displayed.Visit Tumblr and log in to your Tumblr account. Step 2. Find the audio you wish to save (do not play it). Step 3. Right-click on the center of the audio post and select "Inspect." Step 4. Choose "Network" from the new screen. Step 5. Click the play button to play the audio for several seconds until the "media" in the "Type" column appears. Step 6.Similar with the two methods offered, you just need to copy the URL of the Tumble videos you want to download and copy it into the address bar of Pickvideo. Click the download icon will open a new window, and wait while Pickvideo fetches the download links for IOTransfer has a video downloader that will let you download Tumblr videos. Insert the Tumblr video URL on the video downloader then click on "Download to PC.". Right-click on the Download link that will appear and select "Save link as" to save it on your PC.Next, download and install the " Video Downloader - Tumblr " app on your device. After installing both apps, open your Tumblr app and browse for any post with a GIF or video that you want to download and save to your device. On the post, find the "Share" button and tap on it. You'll be given a list of options where you want to share your post.Tumblr Video Downloader downloads your videos in MP4 and in 1080, 720p formats. 1. Launch the Tumblr Video Downloader. 2. Copy the link to the video that you wish to save on your computer. 3. Paste it on the search bar located in the center of the interface of the Video Downloader. 4. Tap on the "Download" button. 5.Save the video is Online Video Downloader. Whenever you see a watch an amazing video on any website you always thought to save it but most probably the website will not allow you do it because it is the loss of there traffic and now you have to start searching from where you can download the video and even after that you will find a spammy website with full of ads just craving for your single ..The first free way to download music from Tumblr is with Chrome or Firefox. Its built-in web Developer Tool is a very convenient method for us to download music or videos from Tumblr, especially for those that are directly uploaded to Tumblr and have no available download links. The tool can help us find the true download links of the audio and video files and easily download the desired ..Use Tumblr app to download Tumblr videos on iPhone 2. In the bottom right corner, you will see the download button. You can see this icon at the bottom of every photo and video. 3. Simply click on it, and this app will start saving that video or photo to your gallery. 2. Save Tumblr Video From PC or Mac.Steps 1 Open Tumblr in your internet browser. Type into the address bar, and hit ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard. 2 Click the white Log In button. It's in the middle of the page. 3 Enter your email into the Email field. 4 Click the blue Next button. This will confirm your email address, and ask your account password. 5.Learn how to save GIFs to your computer from almost any website, as well as social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We'll walk you through..Steps Download Article 1 Open Tumblr on your Android. It's the blue icon with a white ″t″ inside. You'll usually find it on the home screen or in the app drawer. 2 Search for a GIF. To do so, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom to open the Search page, type a your keyword (s) into the search bar, and then tap ↵ Enter on the keyboard. 3.Save Online videos as mp4 & mp3 files. Why would someone want to save video from Youtube (or Facebook for that matter) to their device as mp4 file? There are many reasons, let's begin with the one that nothing is in stone and this video can disappear tomorrow.Tumblr is an amazing way to share images and other online goodies, but some sites are so good we want to save them all. TumblRipper is a great free tool that lets you download all images from any, first download the video you want to gif. there are loads of applications and websites for this but make sure the video is saved as an mp4 file. now to import the video to photoshop, go to file > import > video frames to layers. the following pop up will show. choose the range (time) you want to gif. make sure it's not too big or it will ..This Tumblr audio downloader works terrificly with Chrome browser, and you need to add it to your browser extensions before using this utility. Then play any music post from Tumblr and a hit "Click to download" button will appear. You need to right click this button and select "Save link as" to save the audio file to local drive.Tumblr Video Downloader. Convert and download Tumblr videos to MP3, MP4, 3GP for free with our Downloader. The downloading is very quick and simple, just wait a few seconds for the file to be ready on your device.Considering this, can you save things on Tumblr? After installing both apps, open your Tumblr app and browse for any post with a GIF or video that you want to download and save to your device. On the post, find the "Share" button and tap on it. You'll be given a list of options where you want to share your post. Select "Tumblr Video ..Click the video icon to insert a video block, where you can paste a video URL or embed code. In the Apps Uploading a Video from your Device. In a new original post or a reblog, choose an existing video from the row of thumbnails at the bottom of the post form, or tap the album icon to open your device's gallery: Take a Video Using the Tumblr Camera.Download a program called TumblThree ( via GitHub, here) Unzip the program and run its executable. Follow TumblThree's instructions to indicate the Tumblr blog URL you'd like to crawl and then download. The program offers you a lot of control, including the ability to download images, text, videos or other combinations of content.Follow the simple steps below to download a video: Right-click on the video and select the option "Save video as." Now, choose a download location on your device where you wish to save the embedded video. Once done, press 'Enter' or click on the 'Save' button. Read Also: How To Download YouTube Videos For Free.Meet the Tumblr castaways trying to save its adult content from oblivion Tumblr posters of porn and kink fear a ban on naughty content will eviscerate not only their blogs, but the communities ..If you want an alternative to the old Tumblr, there are a few sites that may be of help and even have migrants from Tumblr after the purge. Some of those platforms include newTumbl, BDSMLR, Dreamwidth, and more. If you like Tumblr, you like Instagram too, check this post to learn 10 best fashion bloggers on Instagram. Conclusion.Twitter Video downloader Online Free to MP4 HD This tool to download tweet videos and save without program on Desktop and MAC, iPhone iOS or Android Twitter video converter is to download all tweets video and GIF to mp4 files This can be done in three steps and it's totally online free without any limit.SaveTweetVid is a Twitter Video Downloader, a free online tool to download and save videos and GIFs from Twitter. By using our downloader you can easily convert and download Twitter videos to mp4 , mp3 and gif files and download them for free - this service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices. you need to copy the tweet URL and ..This gives you the option to queue the reply or save it as a draft like any other post. 4) Interact with other users directly from your dash Hover your cursor over someone's icon on your dash.A command-line program that scrapes tumblr blogs, and downloads images and videos from several at once. - GitHub - Liru/tumblr-downloader: A command-line program that scrapes tumblr blogs, and downloads images and videos from several at once.Handbrake: Converting video files. In this tutorial we're going to have a look at the ideal way of getting our video file into Photoshop. Our aim here is to lose little to no quality in our video and to ensure all our frames are present. 001. Software needed. There are two things you will need aside from Photoshop. The first one being a video ..How to Hide a Tumblr Blog From Search Engines or Other Users Tumblr is a fantastic platform to blog just about anything involving images and videos. And, the fact that you can create new blogs ..The video can later be converted into an mp3 format from mp4 format. Save Full Playlists. Now, you can download channels, playlists, or any online video to watch offline. The video download will work without an internet connection. Choose Video Quality. After pasting the video URL, you are allowed to set the quality of videos according to your ..How to download protected images from browser when you can't right-click and "Save Image as…" or the ability to download is disabled for some reason.Use Deve..That makes Monday the 17th D-Day, when images, GIFs, and videos flagged as verboten by Tumblr's AI will disappear from public view-and probably from the reach of archivists. "Usually we're ..The site names should be separated with comma, no space and no suffixes needed. How the files get downloaded and stored. The photos/videos will be saved to the folders named with the tumblr blog.iPhone and iPad owners have to put in a little more work than Android owners to save videos from Twitter, and it can also be more convoluted and time-consuming. Download the free MyMedia app onto your iPhone or iPad. Open the official Twitter app and search for the tweet containing the video you want to save.TumblOne is a Tumblr Blog Image Crawler. chi. Lightweight, idiomatic & composable router to build Go HTTP services. DownloadTumblr. This tool is able to download all pictures from a Tumblr blog directly to a specified directory. Gettumblrpic. Download Pictures From Tumblr blog.On the web, click the account menu (the human icon at the top of the screen), hover over the blog whose drafts you want to see, click the little dude with three lines that appears, and click "Drafts." In the apps, tap the account menu (the human icon), and select the desired blog from the menu at the top of the screen. Tap the gear icon, and ..This will save users a lot of time and hassle from resorting to using third-party tools and then have to upload them to Tumblr. Now, whenever you plan to post a single photo or photoset on Tumblr through the mobile app, you get the option to turn any of your videos or photo busts into GIFs before you post them.It's a Tumblr downloader, an Instagram backup tool, a way to save the posts you liked, and so much more. It can save videos, gifs, audio and photos. It's the original Tumblr backup tool since 2011, made better each year by your feedback.Tumblr, one of the largest microblogging, Image-board platforms, which garners over 400 million views allows its users to post photos, videos, and short text blogs. It also allows you to manage your blog from a user-friendly dashboard and follow other blogs.Only click on it to download the YouTube thumbnail. If you want to import a YouTube thumbnail from a different video, you need to find the URL of the video ID. Simply substitute the Video-ID in the URL below and search to get a youtube thumbnail. Right-click and then click on the thumbnail and save the file.Click on the folder where you want to save the image, and click Save. Although the default extension is .gif, you can also download GIFs to your PC as videos. That means you'll be able to open ..It turns out that all the photos and videos that are shared over iMessage are not saved to your iOS or iPadOS photo library. Therefore, in order to make sure you don't lose the photos you've received (especially if you plan on deleting a messages thread), you'll need to save these photos to your iPhone or iPad library.How to Save Photos & Videos from Messages to iPhone & iPad with iOS 14 / iPadOS 14. Open the Messages app and navigate to the message conversation with the picture or video you wish to save. Tap on the photo or video so that it's in the forefront, then tap on the Share icon (it looks like a box with an arrow flying out of the top of it ..Red Pants - CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. 6. "Drool". A few images of mouth-watering foods, shoes, and cute guys are tagged "drool," but mostly this is straight up S&M pornography of women with ballgags in their mouths. Hence, the drool.Easily download Tumblr hosted videos or images from blogs you are following or have liked. Now it's Free!! - There are in-App donations any of which will unlock all features of the app permanently! And will disable advertisements for set progressively longer periods of time, 30, 90, 180, 360 days.We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to browse, we will assume you are happy with it. Read more.When you run the application, you will see a list of videos played on your browser, ignoring the name, highlight the video of choice and click the 'play' button to preview the video, and click the 'Copy selected files to' button to save the video file. Once you decided to save the video file and click the save button, a popup window ..2. Using an Android App. First, download the twitter video & GIF downloader app from the Play Store and get it installed. Once installed, you need to either utilize the Twitter app or your web browser to get to the target tweet from which you want to save the video from. Now, tap on the drop-down arrow button to get the option to copy the link.How to scrape and bulk download images (definitive video tutorial) We are open to suggestions! If you have any suggestions, please shoot us an email at [email protected] Artículo en español: Descargar Imágenes a Granel desde El Enlace - Top 5 Descargadores de Imágenes a Granel.If you choose B & want to use it in your own post:Right click on the GIF, & click "Save Image As" (the exact wording varies depending on which browser you're using). Go to your dashboard, & make a new Text Post. Click on the Camera Icon. Choose your saved GIF image. Wait a few seconds for it to finish uploading (you'll see a blue ..Go to any Instagram profile page. Click on a picture it shares and open it on the big screen. Right-click and save the image with the Save As option. This way, you can record pictures, but this is only true for the web. You cannot record in any way in the application. You can only register as a screenshot.How to Save Gifs on iPhone: 1. Tap and hold the image. 2. Tap Save Image. With iOS 11, the Photos app finally supports gif files, which means you can see the animated gif in the app. We'll go over both methods of how to save gifs on iPhone below. We'll also cover how to download gifs, the best apps for saving gifs, and how to send and share gifs with friends.Let's take a look at how to easily save your blog posts as PDF to your computer. If you're only looking to save a single blog post, then the easiest way is to open it in a browser and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + P (for Windows) or CMD + P (for Mac). This will open the browser's print settings window.Step 1: Once you've found a GIF you'd like to store on your phone, tap on the image and hold until the menu appears on the screen, and then pick the Save GIF option, to save it on your Camera Roll. Step 2: Now that the GIF is saved on your iPhone, you can always access it from the Photos app. Your GIF collection is located in the Animated ..Here are the steps to download videos on Twitter: Step 1: Open the Twitter video on your desktop. Step 2: Search for the video you want to download. Step 3: Now click on the tweet that has the video. Step 4: Next, right-click on the video and copy the video address. Step 5: Now open the SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader on your browser.Click on the " Menu " button on the top right corner. Firefox Menu button. Click " Add On " and select the " Extensions or Themes " option. Selecting "Add-Ons" from the list. Click on the "U-Block Origins" or "U-Block" option. Select the " Disable " option and restart your browser. Check to see if the issue persists.Upload and convert video to GIF. With this online video converter you can upload your mp4, avi, WebM, flv, wmv and many other popular types of video and rich media files to turn them into high-quality animated GIFs. Source video file can be uploaded from your computer or smartphone or fetched from another server by URL.VideoProc Converter - The One-click Way to Make a GIF from a Video without Other Assistant. Edit a video and convert it to a GIF image in one stop. Make a GIF with favoured clips by cutting before converting. Customize GIF parameters like loop time, image size, duration, etc.Saving a Twitter GIF on Mac. The easiest way to save a Twitter GIF is through a Mac. Here's how! Grab your Mac and open the tweet containing the GIF that you want to copy.Tap on the "Share" button and select "Save Video"to save the downloaded video your iPhone Camera Roll. Way 2. Using MyMedia. Another way to download videos from Tumblr to iPhone is using MyMedia. It is a free download manager app available on the App Store. Just download the app and follow the steps below to save Tumblr videos to iPhone:.Click on the Safe Search toggle switch. Select the type of content you want to see and hit the reload button. If you're looking for a blog, try the lower of the two search bars. Go back to the Tumbex home page. Enter the name of the blog you'd like to see into the lower search box. Press Enter or click the Go button.The biggest issue is, this feature doesn't really download a video to save on your computer forever. It is more akin to the download feature found on mobile apps for Netflix and Hulu, which makes ..Replay Video Capture makes videos from any portion of your screen, and can't be detected. Now you can save your cam sessions to share or view anytime. Learn More. For Video Sites. Replay Media Catcher is the easiest way to make perfect quality recordings from video sites. Just open Replay Media Catcher and play the video - that's it!.There are times when you really like a video on Instagram and want to save the video to your collection, but there is no mechanism to do so. However, there are certain ways to download Instagram videos, but for that you might have to struggle a bit. So in this tutorial I'll show you multiple methods to download Instagram videos on your PC, Android, and iOS devices.Tumblr announced its porn ban in December, and users have reacted by explaining that they mainly used the site for browsing not-safe-for-work content. Many threatened to leave the platform if the ..How Games Got Me a Best Man. Derek Chen discusses how League of Legends helped heal the wedge driven between him and his best friend because they loved the same woman. Keep reading. #. Not a story, but a pretty impressive breakdown of statistical evidence of the positive impact that video games can have. This was posted 9 years ago.Selfie Gifs and Videos. Selfie Gifs and Videos. Theme credit. Please check out my main blog Rainbowselfies. therealenylduj: imported goods. 🇭🇹. 84 notes. 25 notes. Play Instagram video.In some videos, you may see only two options after long-pressing the screen. And the ''Save Video'' isn't one of the options given. Then, you tried the second method, but you still couldn't find any option to save a video from TikTok. Some users may not allow other users to save the video they made.Downloading Twitter videos on iOS is a bit more fiddly than using your desktop browser, but it's still pretty straightforward when you know how. 1. First you need to download a free app from the ..Android has a one-tap save option, just long press a post and save directly to the gallery. The Premium version of Tumble tail on Android and iOS costs $1.99 and offers the same features. Download Tumbletail for Android and iOS. Best Tumblr Apps for Android and iOS. If you have a handful of blogs on Tumblr, you can use Feedly to consume content.Step 2: Open your movie or video in VLC media player. The second step needed to extract frames from video in VLC is opening the file you want to capture. In Windows, click or tap on Media in the top left corner of the app to reveal a menu with options for loading videos from all kinds of sources: files, folders, discs, and even streams.Step 2: Open the video you want to embed (or copy-paste an URL from the video) Step 3: Click the ' Get embed code ' option in the share buttons corner of the video display card. Step 4: Select the ' Copy code ' button to copy the HTML code to your clipboard.Video download software allows you to save videos in different formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP, FLV, WMV, MOV, and others. It also helps you to specify the application to extract audio and save the file in MP3 and WAV format.How to create animated GIFs. Creating your own animated GIFs is actually pretty straightforward. An animated GIF is a series of static images played back just like a cartoon. To create an animated GIF you need to create that series of images in 8-bit, 256 colors and combine them into an animation. You can use an online tool such as Giphy to create animated GIFs, or you can use Photoshop or ..Don't question the veracity of stories. 4. No punchline in the post title. 5. You may not link directly to tumblr. 6. No call-out posts, witch hunting, or overly political posts. 7. Tumblr part of the image must add something.The link is processed and generates a detailed download list in-front of you. Select the video file you want to download, and right-click the download button. 7.SAVEVIDEO. SAVEVIDEO is the best resource to save video from Viki. If you need to save your favorite videos from Viki, savevideo can help and will do a great job.Surprisingly few people are comfortable admitting they watch porn, so it's understandable that you might want to hide your collection from prying eyes. Here are a few ways to go about it.Step 1: Open the Pinterest app on your iOS device and navigate to the image that you want to download. Step 2: Tap the three-dot icon present in the top bar. From the pop-up menu, select Download ..Method 2. Download Videos from Instagram to Computers by Video Downloader. It is very easy to save videos from Instagram to computer, Mac and Windows PC included, as long as you have an Instagram video downloader. Now please follow the steps as below to get the Instagram videos onto your computer. Step 1.Okay, you're almost finished! Now, IF you changed your ratio from the standard 4:3 to widescreen 16:9 in Windows Live Movie Maker then this is where you'd enter the size you want your GIF to be. (I make GIFS for and tumblr has a specific GIF size allowance; learned that the hard way) So, if your video is in a standard 4:3 ratio you type in 400 in the first box and 300 in the second.The Tumblr porn GIF didn't make you trudge through any cheesy storylines or cringe-y forced setups. It immediately engaged you, earning people's reblogs and upvotes by being universally tantalizing.The answer is simple; uploading a GIF to Facebook is easy. Every month hundreds of people search Google "upload a GIF to Facebook" Let's put that question to bed and tell you, it's super simple to upload a GIF to Facebook and in this article, we're going to show you exactly how. Facebook previously didn't allow users to upload GIFs directly, the reason being they thought it would ..Now, to make your private Tumblr blog, click the down arrow beside your blog's name on the right side and click Create a new blog. Enter a name and address for your new blog, and then check the box beside Password protect this blog and enter a password if you want to keep it secure. Once you're finished, click Create Private Blog.Explore The Simsie Save. Use this navigation page to explore my Simsie Save in more detail before you decide to put it in to your game. I have screenshots of both the new and renovated lots, bios for all the new townies, and world overviews on each of these world pages. Click these world icons to travel there and find out more information.How to Copy the YouTube Video Link . If you want only the hyperlink for a YouTube video, you'll find it at the bottom of the SHARE menu, along with the option to copy the link to the clipboard. This is a great way to capture the video's address to share it over a non-supported social media website, post it in a comments section, or compose your own message.This help content & information General Help Center experience. Search. Clear search.So you have to download Twitter GIFs as videos in order to save them on your device. Kind of backwards, but that's the way it is. It's OK, though, because you can use a tool like TWDownload or ..Upload a file or document. Click the "Upload file" button or just drag a file onto your board. You can add images, logos, documents, videos, audio and much more. 3. Add inspiring imagery. The imagery you choose to include in your moodboard can have big influence on the look and feel of your project, so choose carefully!.Why Save Instagram Photos To Collections? 1. Collect And Organize User-Generated Content (UGC) Save Instagram posts that have mentioned your brand. Look for photos or videos where you've been tagged or create a unique hashtag. Add these content into an Instagram collection. This will serve as your inventory of user-generated content.Instagram's New Story Highlights Save Your Disappearing Videos Forever. .. Now you can create a collection called "Maldives trip," save your favorite stories there, and keep it on your profile as ..Instagram Post Downloader is a service that saves any Instagram picture to any gadget. No matter how you decided to apply the Inflact Instagram downloader, you can collect photos and videos to PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. You just paste the link and automatically get photos or videos to your device.Replied on May 11, 2012. In reply to KurtHeiden's post on May 11, 2012. Kurt. Nice .GIF btw I had a good chuckle :)-. Two things you can try if you haven't already. 1. Delete your temp files for Internet Explorer. 2. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Security>Uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".‌Finally, click Save as, name your GIF file, and download your masterpiece to your computer. How to convert a video into a GIF using Photoshop. Photoshop can also help you convert a video into a GIF by transforming each frame of the video into a frame within a GIF. To import a video, click File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.‌.GIMP Create GIF - Order the Layer. Step 3. When your images are already, go to the main menu select Filters > Animation > Optimize (for GIF). GIMP Create GIF - Optimize. Step 4. Now, you can view the GIF by clicking on Filers > Animation > Playback. Then a new window will now appear. Just click the Play button to preview your GIF directly.Open the video you want to gif on KMPlayer. .. After you're done editing, you save your gif. 9. Now that tumblr increased the photo size limit to 1MB, it's a lot easier to make bigger gifs with better image quality. You just have to change the settings until your gif is under 1MB.Adding a Twitter video to your next tweet using your computer is almost identical to the Android process. Start by visiting Twitter's website and finding a tweet with a video that you want to share. From there, click on the Share button. Next, select the "Copy Link To Tweet" option to save the tweet's URL to your computer's clipboard.It will give you the option to download just the audio from the video file. In both shortcuts, all you have to do is open the video, share it, select Shortcuts and run the shortcut. Once the video or audio has been downloaded, you can choose where to save it (in iCloud Drive or Dropbox), or open it in an app like VLC or Documents.Still, all the pictures and videos you save before that date don't count to your 15GB storage limit. To free up space in Google Photos, all you have to do is open the app go to Library, followed by Utilities. The Free up space option will be in the mid-section.Step 2. On this page you can select the data you want to download from Facebook. First, click „Deselect All" (1).Then, tick the box in the „Messages" section (2) to download your chats only.Finally, just click on „Create File" (3) in the top right corner. Facebook will then prepare the download of your messages.Twitter video downloader is the solution that helps you to easily download all kinds of media from the well-known platform. All your favorite videos and pictures can now be quickly saved free of charge thanks to the Twitter image downloader, so that you can enjoy them wherever and whenever you want, also in any place with no or unstable internet connection.A Twitter card lets the publisher describe the item — be it a photo, a news story, or a video — and embed it into tweets. This is a system Twitter set up that any publisher can use.Step 3: You should see two options; "Save as Live Photo (Full Screen)" and "Save as Live Photo (Fit to Screen". Select the option you want, keeping in mind that "Full Screen" will crop the Gif so it fits the entire screen and the live photo will be saved on to your device. Step 4: Now go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper.To share Instagram photos to other social networks, you'll need to link those accounts. From the Instagram home screen, tap your profile icon, followed by the menu in the top right. Select ..