how to save video from youtube to gallery android

  InsTube is one of the best easy, fast and free apps which is used to download youtube video and save into the phone gallery. it is used to download the videos from other sites also. step.1: Install the InsTube app on your Android phone from the InsTube website. step.2: Open the Ins Tube app. in that you observe the youtube-icon.Step 2 Open YouTube and copy the URL Now go to YouTube and search for the video that you wish to record and play it. Now copy the video URL by selecting it with CTRL + A, then CTRL + C. Step 3 Paste the URL in the downloader.Visit Y25s and enter the URL of the YouTube video, then select Start . When using Y25s from an Android device, copy the YouTube link from the YouTube app. Go to the video, then tap Share > Copy link. Choose the quality of the video you want to download, then select Get Link . It may take several seconds or longer for the video to convert to MP4.How to save youtube video in gallery Android.To save a video from YouTube to your Android, launch the YouTube app, find the video you want to download, then tap Download below the video and choose quality options, such as 720p or 360p. The video will be saved as exo files which is encrypted.How to save video in gallery to make download YouTube videos in to download download in videos to show in galle..Here are the steps to download youtube videos directly into your gallery. Copy the link of youtube video that you want to download . Open your browser ( any browser) and paste the copied link Edit the link such that it becomes like (www . ss youtube. com/……) Now click on the format in which you want to download it If Continue Reading.Top 9 Free YouTube Video Downloader for Android YouTube Recording & Uploading 1. Equipment for YouTube Video Recording + 2. YouTube Resources + 4. Upload YouTube Video + 4. Download YouTube Video + 5. Convert YouTube Video + 6. YouTube Competitors Comparison + Filmora Video Editor.How To Download YouTube Videos? | Android Or iOS | Phone Gallery | Without App | New Method 2022Hi Everyone, in this video we will teach you how You can Down..Tap Done at the top to start downloading the YouTube video. Tap the folder icon in the lower-left corner. Tap Downloads . You should see your downloaded video. If it's finished downloading, tap the three small dots underneath it. Tap Copy . Tap Photos. You will be asked to give Documents by Readdle access to your device's Photos.Tap on the " Save to memory " option to download the respective video. As soon as you hit the button, the red icon will be activated. It will denote that a video is getting downloaded from YouTube. Step 4: Save to camera roll As of now, the video will only be stored in the app folder.Paste a YouTube video link in the text box and tap "Download." After a few moments, the video will decode and generate a list of different output format and quality options. (Image credit: Tom's..All you have to do is choose the video from your collection and tap on the Camera icon at the bottom-left corner. It may take a little time for the image to appear. Additionally, you can select the..Go to a video that you want to download. Enter a website's address (e.g., in the text field at the top of the screen—or tap an app icon on the InsTube main page—type in the name of the video that you want to open, and tap the video. Tap the "Download" button.Wonder, How to Save Viber Photos/Videos/Audios on an Android Device? You can Download Photos/Videos/Audios from Viber on your Mobile Device. Like other apps,..Open the Gallery app on your Android and tap on the video that you want to trim. 2. Tap the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner. Tap the pencil icon. Steven John/Business Insider 3. On the next..In this video, I show you how to save a picture (MMS) from your text messaging app on your Android phone. I also show you how to save a picture from the web ..Continue with this method if your videos are not in your gallery app. 2 Open WhatsApp. It's the green icon with a white chat bubble and phone receiver in your app drawer. 3 Tap the ⋮ menu. It's the three dots at the top-right corner of WhatsApp. 4 Tap Settings in the menu. 5 Tap Data and storage usage. 6 Select your media auto-download preferences.Tap and hold either Edit handle, then drag the handle to adjust the length of the video. Repeat this step with the other Edit handle, if desired. Tap Save copy in the upper-right corner to save the video. Your original video and your trimmed video are saved in Google Photos. Use Built-in Video Editing Capabilities on Samsung.Android Smartphones . The method to download a video on Android is not that different from the iPhone. Again, open the email, select the video file, and hit the Download icon to save the video to the Gallery. This is if the video is sent as an attachment. Should you receive it as part of a message, here is what you need to do.Step 2. Plug Drive to Computer. Then plug your USB flash drive into the same computer. The computer will detect it in a short time. Step 3. Move Photos from Android to Flash Drive. - Double-click the " This PC " icon and enter your Android phone to find the images you want. Then open your flash drive.2. Use a third-party app. Don't feel like paying? There are free ways to download YouTube videos. However, YouTube has been cracking down on third-party apps - so many of them may not work.Use a media gallery to collect music & videos. Manage your files. Get rid of the mess. Listen to the music. Favorite tracks on the go. Share videos with friends. In whatsapp, instagram. .. There are several ways to save video from Youtube on Android. The first and most user-friendly for an Android is the Android APP, simply ..Open Facebook on your Android device. 2. Click/tap on the video you want to save. 3. Look closely at the top-right of your screen, you'll see three dots arranged vertically. Click on it. 4. Some options will pop-up. click/tap on " save video ". 5. After clicking on "save video", go back to your facebook profile menu, scroll down and tap on saved.In the browser type and then open the website. Paste the copied URL link there and tap on the Download button. Once you tap on it, a new download link will pop up. Tap Download the File and then type in a name for your saved video. Your Video will be saved in the app.Open Google Photos on your Android phone and tap the search bar . Choose Videos, then select the video you want to rotate. Tap the slider bar icon (it's at the bottom of the screen in the middle). Select Rotate until the video is oriented the way you want it. Choose Save .Step 3: Connect your gadget. Now, connect your phone with your PC using the USB cable and check in the desired data listed out on the system screen. Photos, videos, documents, etc can all be backed up depending on your needs. Then, hit the "Start" button at the bottom right side of the screen.If you download the YouTube video from your computer, choose .mp4 as the format and choose a folder to save the YouTube video. Rename the video if you want. (On Android, you don't get to choose a folder or rename the file.).Just use these smart apps to download youtube videos to your Android or iOS device. Home; Android apps; iOS apps; Games; .. 5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS. Video Downloader & Private Browser. .. The app uploads the video to your gallery. You can also create a special folder in the application itself.Go to Tap the address bar at the top of the screen, then type in and tap the blue Go button in your iPhone's keyboard. Paste in your YouTube video's address. Tap the text box in the middle of the page, tap it again once your iPhone's keyboard appears, and tap Paste in the pop-up menu.Back in 204, Google launched YouTube offline service. The feature basically allows users to take any video offline and watch it later even when there is no internet connection.Double-click that to see the full URL, right-click it, and then choose Copy. Open a new tab in Firefox (or any browser) and enter that into the navigation bar. Right-click the video in that tab and choose Save Video As. Download videoplayback.mp4 to your computer to save the YouTube video. You can rename it if you want.Tap the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner. Tap the pencil icon. 3. On the next screen, move the sliders at the bottom of the screen until they contain the footage you want. Crop your video. 4 ..Select the photos (or videos) that you want to use to create your cool video. Select Create and then click Save to save your created video. Google Photos can make video from pictures on your computer, Android, and iPad & iPhone device. Click to Tweet. Solution 2. Convert Photo to Video Online. Want to make video with pictures online?.It's just that simple. Just press Download, then press your home screen. Pull up your gallery, it will be in there. Click to expand.. When saving from email, it doesn't give you a download (or save) option or anything else. It's really pretty crazy that this isn't an automatic thing on the droid.Go to "File > New Movie Recording". Step 2. Click the "Record" button to start recording YouTube videos. You can click anywhere on the screen to begin recording the entire screen. Step 3. Click the "Stop" button in the menu bar, or press Command + Control + Esc (Escape) to stop and save the recording.I'd like to share a native plugin that helps you interact with Gallery/Photos on Android & iOS. With this plugin, you can: - Save your images/videos to the specified album in Gallery/Photos. - Prompt the user to pick an image or video from Gallery/Photos. - Prompt the user to pick multiple images or videos from Gallery/Photos (available on ..Answer (1 of 4): The instructions for downloading a file/video are: 1. Go to And locate the google drive folder that has the file/video 2. Click a file/file to download. (To download multiple files, press Shift or Ctrl (Command on a Mac) while clicking other files.) 3. Right-cl..Tap the kebab menu icon. Tap Desktop Site. After redirecting, tap the channel's icon. Tap Youtube Studio. In the Youtube Dashboard, zoom in and tap Channel Content. Scroll down and find the video you want to post on Instagram. Tap the title of the video. Another set of options will open, tap the kebab menu icon.Step 1. Launch the MobiMover. After that, go to "Video Downloader" and set to download Facebook videos to your computer. Step 2. Copy the URL of the video in the bar and click "Download". Step 3. Wait for MobiMover to download Facebook videos to your computer. When it has completed, you can view the video offline.Method 3: Download YouTube videos with VLC Player. The VLC is a very popular open-source video player for Windows PC, Mac. This tool can play almost all multimedia file formats as well as Audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs.Tap Download the File, then type in a name for your saved video. On the bottom menu, tap Media. You should see your saved video on this screen. Tap your video's file name. A new menu will pop up with a list of options. Tap Save to Camera Roll to save a copy of your Twitter video to your iOS device's Camera Roll folder.Now, open the FastVid application on your smartphone and paste the link the video link. Click on Download to simply save it to your gallery. The app also allows you to save the videos by simply clicking on the share button and choosing Video Downloader for Facebook from the option.Click the video you'd like to edit. Click the Visibility box and select Share privately. Enter the emails you'd like to share your video with, then select SAVE. Comments are not available on private videos. If you want to allow comments on a video that's not publicly available, change the privacy setting to unlisted.Upload multiple photos to Google Drive from Android. Step 1: Open the device Gallery app on your Android phone. Open Gallery app. Step 2: Browse the photos you would like to upload to Google Photos. Step 3: Long press and select the photos. Long press and select the photos.Install Files if you don't have it. Open it and tap Internal storage near the bottom. Go to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Video > Private . When the media visibility option in WhatsApp is disabled, all new videos automatically go into the Private folder. When enabled, all new videos automatically go into WhatsApp Video.Select the video you need to edit. Select the splitting mode. Then keep the marker on the video timeline where you need to cut the video. Then you have to tap on the scissors icon that can be found in the top-right corner. Then the tool will start to process the video and split it into two parts.Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy s10 (From $859.99 at Walmart) How to save voicemails on an Android. If you'd rather not download an external app, and prefer to ..The biggest issue is, this feature doesn't really download a video to save on your computer forever. It is more akin to the download feature found on mobile apps for Netflix and Hulu, which makes ..Open your Android phone gallery, click on Facebook Folder. In that folder, you will see the shared video that you saved from the messenger. This is the procedure to save shared videos from the messenger by using Video Downloader app. 5. Save shared video by using Friendly for Facebook App.Suppose the ImageView already keeps the image that you want to save, first, get the Bitmap. imageView.buildDrawingCache (); Bitmap bm=imageView.getDrawingCache (); Then save it with below code:-. MediaStore.Images.Media.insertImage (getContentResolver (), yourBitmap, yourTitle , yourDescription); And do not forget to set this permission in your ..Method 1: Send YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Directly. The most time-saving way for sharing YouTube video to WhatsApp is to copy and paste the URL directly. Follow the post to see how to share YouTube videos in WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Open the video on YouTube and then click on the "Share" button.Click the button below to download and install it on your computer and refer to the guide below to upload photos/videos from Android to OneDrive easily. Step 1 Associate OneDrive with Android File Manager. Run the software after installation. Click the "document" button at the top-right corner and select "OneDrive" in the pop-up window.Step 5 Recover deleted videos and photos from Android phones As the scanning is completed, you can view the results. All scanned result will be organized by file types (including Messages, Contacts, Gallery, Videos). You can select photos and video files to preview in the right windows, and then click "Recover" to save them.Saved. Install the " Image Saver " app from Google Play. Open the Facebook app for Android and view any desired image. Now tap the 3 dots from the top-right corner and select the "Share external" option. Then tap on "Photo Saver" which should now appear in the Share menu. On tapping, a Saved message will appear on your screen.Open the WhatsApp status where the photo you want to download is located. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. If the key combination to take a screenshot doesn't work for you, your phone likely has a different key combination for the task.To move photos from Android to a computer, you need to connect your Android device to a stable Wi-Fi. Here's how: #1. Sync Photos from Android to Google Photos. Download and install the Google Photos app on your Android device. Launch the app and sign in to your Google account. Select upload size for photos and videos.Launch WeChat app and tap "Discover" option on iPhone. Step 2. Simply locate the videos you want from WeChat Moments while previewing. Step 3. Press and hold the target video and tap "Save video" option from the pop-up. Thus you have saved the videos from WeChat Moments on your iPhone immediately.Open and launch the TikTok app. Tap Play on the video you want to save. Next, you'll tap the Share icon. Click the Save video option to download the video. This will initiate a download of the ..From here you can navigate to specific pages and groups to browse videos. Now all you need to do is tap on the video you wish to download and you will get the option to download it to your device ..Go to the video that you wish to download, then right-click anywhere within the player. Select Show video URL. Or, select Copy video URL at current time, then skip to step 4. Click the URL to highlight it, then right-click and select Copy. You can also use the Ctrl + C or Command + C shortcut on the keyboard.Step 4: Open the File Manager on your Android phone and then tap Internal storage. Step 5: Find the DCIM folder. Step 6: Locate the photo you want to transfer and long-press it to select. Step 7: Tap the three dots icon on the top-right and select Copy. Step 8: Copy the photos to your USB drive and then tap Done.Tap on the profile icon: Tap on the profile picture icon at the top left corner. Tap on 'data and storage': Scroll down and tap on 'data and storage' option. Turn on the save photos and videos: Turn on the save photos and videos option. Swipe right the bar and make it green. Now you can save any media file from your Messenger conversation.1. Install the Download Twitter Videos app on your Android phone or tablet. (Image credit: Google) 2. Open the video you want to download in the official Twitter app, and press the "Share" button ..Open AnyTrans for iOS on your Mac. Plug your iPhone into your Mac with a Lighting cable. Find your iPhone in the AnyTrans app. On the right side of the screen, select the Photos icon. Choose "Video" on the top of the window. Select the videos you want to save to your Mac. Choose "To Mac" at the top of the window.Method 1Method 1 of 4:Saving Videos You Posted. Sign into Facebook and navigate to the video you want saved. Videos you upload to Facebook are saved to Photos > Albums > Videos. Select the option to "Play" the video, then click "Options" below the video.Go to the text message with the photo you want to save. Select on the picture, the photo will go into full screen. Select on the small disk icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (If you can't see it, tap anywhere on the photo to bring up the menu) Select Save and the photo will save in the Photo Gallery under Downloads.Follow these steps to make and share a GIF on Android: 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone. 2. Select the video file you want to create a GIF from. 3. Cut the video to up to 6 seconds by dragging the length adjustor. Note: You can only make a GIF for clips shorter than 6 seconds. Trim the video to 6s.To do this, navigate to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images with Android File manager. Here, create a new file using the file manager and name it as ' .nomedia '. If the hidden mode of this folder is already active, you may need to turn it OFF before proceeding further. Otherwise, the file created may stay hidden.However, in the fall of 2018, Messenger updated, and the auto-save photos/videos feature was removed. Facebook Messenger does give you the option to automatically save photos captured while using the app (Android Only). Although an admitted pain-in-the-butt, the option to save incoming media files manually is still very much available.Download Video Downloader for IGTV from the Play Store. Open Instagram and go to the IGTV video you want to download to your phone. At the bottom of the video, tap the three dots icon next to the like, comment, and share icons. Tap Copy Link to grab the video link to your clipboard. Open the Video Downloader for IGTV app and tap Paste.A menu will appear. Select the option Save to Gallery. This will save the images of Telegram in the Phone Gallery whether it is Android or iPhone. To Save GIF do the same, tap on the three dots and choose Save GIF option. However, to save the GIF into the phone select the Save to downloads option. Now come to the Desktop.Click Share a photo or video or Photo/Video at the top of your Page's timeline. Click Upload Photos/Video and select a video from your computer. Add a title for your video at the top, an optional description and tags.Save your photos or videos. Important: If the photo is already on your device, this option won't appear. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . Select a photo or video. Tap More Download.Moreover, the app ensures privacy as it does not save any user data nor use any services that analyze your usage behavior. Other remarkable features of the app include channel subscriptions, video ..Right: Options in the left side menu. The ability to save videos to your lists is also accessible when watching them, under the overflow menu on the bottom left. A new save icon should let you ..Answer (1 of 20): If you download direct YouTube videos from YouTube, it will be saved on YouTube's option but it will not be permanent. Within 15 to 20 days it will ..Note: The exact steps may vary depending on your Android model. Open the Google Photos app and select the images and videos you want to hide. Click on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner. Click Move to Archive. 3. Hide Gallery photos, videos with app.Step 2. Select the drive or partition that contained the YouTube videos that have been deleted, then click Search for lost data to initiate the scanning procedure and let Disk Drill search for your videos. Step 3. Click Review found items to be taken to a full list of the files that Disk Drill discovered. Step 4.Method 1Method 1 of 2:Saving a Single Video. Open Telegram on your Android. It's the blue circle with a white paper airplane inside. You'll usually find it on the home screen or in the app drawer. Tap the chat that contains the video. Tap the arrow on the video.Step 1: Download and open the Filmr app on your Android. Step 2: Click on Camera roll and choose the video you want to compress from your gallery. Step 3: On your video editing timeline, trim the unnecessary parts from your video. Step 4: You can even remove the video sound to reduce video size.Method 1: Sharing with People Who Have Google Photos. In the Google Photos app, find a video you would like to share and tap on it. Press the leftmost button on the on the bottom, which is the share button. If you want you can scroll your video library and select multiple items to share at one time.Step 2. After connecting your Android device, the software will quickly scan for the lost data. You can easily find the deleted or lost Gallery Lock files, photos or videos by choosing the correct file types. Step 3. Preview and select out the Gallery Lock files or photos you want and click "Recover" button to retrieve them back.Find the video you want to download, and on the video page, click the Share icon located below the video (an arrow pointing to the right). In the Share video window that opens, tap the Copy option to copy the video URL. Press the Home button again and open the Documents app once more.Step 1 From the WhatsApp chat list, find the one with the photos you want to export. In the chat, tap on the three dots on the top right corner. Step 2 There will be a pop-up listing all you can do with this chat. Click More > Export Chat, then you will be asked to choose the app to export the chat.Step 2: Open the Allavsoft app and click on the paste. Now open the Allavsoft app on your desktop. When you open the app, you will see the screen as shown in the below image. Paste the playlist address link in the Enter URL section and click on the download option (down-facing arrow symbol) to download that playlist.Here's how you can do this on Google Photos: 1 Open Google Photos and go to the Library. From there open the folder from where you want to delete the photos. 2. Now, select the photos and then tap on the delete icon in the above right corner and then tap on "Move to Bin" at the bottom. 3.This will open an MP4 version of your YouTube video that you can actually save to your desktop. 8. Right click the video, and click "Save Video As" Right click (or control+click on your Mac's trackpad) the enlarged YouTube video that appears. Click "Save Video As" and select your Desktop as the video file's destination. 9.Open your browser and go to the website containing the GIF you want to download. Click on the GIF to open it. Next, press down to open a pop-up window. Select Save Image or Download Image from the list of options. Exit the browser and open your photo gallery to find the downloaded GIF. Read also.Go to File. Put your cursor over Import and select Video Frames To Layers…. Select a video and hit Open. If the whole video will become the GIF, leave the option From Beginning To End on. To ..Video Downloader PLUS is one of the numerous browser add-ons that supports downloading YouTube videos as well as Facebook videos, DailyMotion videos, and Vimeo videos. It also allows you to save multiple video files simultaneously and also provides numerous options for video format, quality, and size.Download the Viddit app from the Play Store. Open Reddit. Go to the video/post you want to download. Tap on the Share button. If you've installed Viddit, you should see Viddit as one of the ..Configure it first before you want to transfer videos from the phone to the SD card. Step 1: Connect iPhone and SD card. The first things you have to do are connecting iPhone and inserting an SD card reader (containing your SD card) to your computer. The "AutoPlay" screen appears on the screen.Tap on the cog icon (Settings). Select More camera controls…. Activate Storage Access Framework. Tap on the ≡ icon. Select the SD card ("New volume" in the screenshot below). Open (or create) the DCIM folder. Tap on Use this folder button at the bottom of the screen. Select the Allow option.Tap "Speed" in the toolbar - you might need to swipe to the left to see it. 6. In the pop-up, drag the slider to set the playback speed of the video. You can set any speed from .2x (slow) to 2x ..We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to browse, we will assume you are happy with it. Read more.For a complete guide on how to transfer photos to iPhone, hit the link. Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android with 1 Click. Method 2: Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android with Send Anywhere. Method 3: Send Photos/Videos from iPhone to Android with Google Photos. Method 4: Send Pictures from iPhone to Android by Drag-and-Drop.Now, tap the text portion of "Smart Storage" to enter its menu options. Here, you will see one entry: "Remove backed up photos & videos." Choosing this will allow you to adjust how long the photos remain on your phone after it was backed up to Google Photos. Ideally, you'll want to change this to 30 days to save as much storage as possible..Search for a video and begin playing it, then tap the red 'Download' button that appears at the bottom right. When you've chosen a video, tap the red button, choose your settings and you're ready ..It will let you download a person's profile pic, videos, photos, even vids in Stories or in IGTV (now Instagram Video). It won't do Reels, the Instagram version of a TikTok clip. It won't do Reels ..Select Transfer files or MTP mode or PTP mode. 3. After your computer detects Android device, go to My Computer on your computer desktop > Double click your Android device > Select photos you want to transfer from computer to Android > Copy and paste photos to Android DCIM file or any other files. After that, you will solved how to import ..Select the video you need to edit. Select the splitting mode. Then keep the marker on the video timeline where you need to cut the video. Then you have to tap on the scissors icon that can be found in the top-right corner. Then the tool will start to process the video and split it into two parts.Go to the text message with the photo you want to save. Select on the picture, the photo will go into full screen. Select on the small disk icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (If you can't see it, tap anywhere on the photo to bring up the menu) Select Save and the photo will save in the Photo Gallery under Downloads.Scroll to the right and tap More to open iPhone's share sheet. Scroll down in the share sheet and select JAYD. The shortcut will ask to access iCloud Drive and a couple of websites when you ..Follow the steps below to Manually Download WhatsApp Photos to your Android Phone. 1. Open WhatsApp > tap on the Chat containing Photos that you want to save to your Phone. 2. Once the Chat is open, tap on the unopened Photo that you want to save. The selected WhatsApp photo will be downloaded and saved to the Photos Gallery on your Android Phone.Open and launch the TikTok app. Tap Play on the video you want to save. Next, you'll tap the Share icon. Click the Save video option to download the video. This will initiate a download of the ..Sync contacts, messages, call history, audio, photos, videos and other contents to computer. Import photos, videos, audios and more media files from computer to iOS/Android devices. Use your device as an external USB Key for extra convenient storage. One click backup and restore phone data. Fully compatible with the latest Android OS and iOS ..Slide down the context menu in your Android device, then tap "Cast". Find the available device with your computer name on it, press it to connect and hit "DONE". Then your Android screen with audio can be streamed to your computer. Next, open Snapchat on your phone and play the received video Snap. Click the red recording button on the ..Method 1 - Creating A .nomedia File. Using any file explorer/manager application (such as Astro File Manager or File Expert), navigate to the directory that you want hidden and create an empty file titled " .nomedia ". Rename it to ".nomedia" (hold down on the file again and select Rename from its context menu).Android Video Player Example. By the help of MediaController and VideoView classes, we can play the video files in android. MediaController class. The android.widget.MediaController is a view that contains media controls like play/pause, previous, next, fast-forward, rewind etc. VideoView class. The android.widget.VideoView class provides methods to play and control the video player.Droid Transfer works alongside a free Android Application, Transfer Companion, enabling you to manage and transfer content on your Android device through your local WiFi network. Transfer Companion is a free App available for download from the Google Play App Store. For instructions on setting up Droid Transfer, please see our Quick Start Guide.Step 4: Open the File Manager on your Android phone and then tap Internal storage. Step 5: Find the DCIM folder. Step 6: Locate the photo you want to transfer and long-press it to select. Step 7: Tap the three dots icon on the top-right and select Copy. Step 8: Copy the photos to your USB drive and then tap Done.Open AnyTrans for iOS on your Mac. Plug your iPhone into your Mac with a Lighting cable. Find your iPhone in the AnyTrans app. On the right side of the screen, select the Photos icon. Choose "Video" on the top of the window. Select the videos you want to save to your Mac. Choose "To Mac" at the top of the window.Step 1 Plug your Android phone into the computer with a USB cable. Step 2 Find the external hard drive for your Android phone on your computer and open it. Step 3 Select the photos you want to move on your computer and copy. Step 4 Find picture folders you need. Normally, the camera pictures are stored in DCIM folder.1. Open Snapchat and take your video or picture. 2. Tap the down arrow symbol, located toward the left side of the bottom of the screen — you should see a "Saved!" confirmation appear. If you're ..To download reels from your own past Instagram posts, follow the steps below. Open the Instagram app, go to your account page, and navigate the reel you want to download. Open the reel that you've chosen in full-screen view. Select More (the three-dots icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen) > Save to camera roll.How To Download Twitter Videos On PC? Step 1: Open the website on your browser and sign in. Step 2: Find the video you wish to download and right-click on the time/date section of the ..