how to save a clip from youtube

  Go to in a web browser. 4 Go to the video you want to download. The video should begin playing. 5 Copy the video's address. Click the video's address in the bar at the top of your browser's window, then press Ctrl + A (Windows) or ⌘ Command + A (Mac) to fully select it and press Ctrl + C or ⌘ Command + C to copy it. 6.The process of saving YouTube videos to iOS devices is a bit complicated. But the following tutorial is as detailed as possible. Step 1: Download and install Documents by Readdle on your iOS devices. If you have installed this app, please skip this step. As an iPhone user, you may have heard Documents by Readdle.Just copy the video's link to get started If you're using a computer, right click on the YouTube video to copy the URL, or use the URL in the top of your browser. Once you've found the video you want to download, right-click on its URL at the top of the window and select " Copy ." Now you're ready to upload it to the Kapwing Studio.In this tutorial, I'll show you how to clip a YouTube video and download a part of the video clip using an online video trimmer called Kapwing. Step 1: Paste the YouTube Link Get started by going to Kapwing's Studio, a free online video editor designed for casual tasks. I recommend it because it's free and doesn't have any spammy ads.1. First, go to the YouTube page containing the video you want to download. When you've found the page, press Ctrl + L on your keyboard to highlight the text in the address bar, and then Ctrl + C to copy the Internet address. If you are on an Apple computer substitute Ctrl with the Command key. 2.Go to the video you want to clip. Beneath the video, select Clip. Give your clip a title. Input a start and end time for your clip. Alternatively, drag and slide the blue bar across the timeline. Select Share clip. Choose which social media platform to share your clip to. Alternatively, select Copy to grab the direct link to the clip.hello guys!hope it was helpfullike and subscribebye!.When you trim a video or live stream, you will need to name it, and then YouTube will generate a new URL address for the clip. You can copy, embed, or send the clip via social media such as..1) Paste Youtube URL Enter either the YouTube URL or the video's specific ID to create a custom duration clip from any YouTube video of your choosing. Click "Crop" to be prompted to select the start and stop times of your desired cropped YouTube video. Why Use This Site: YT Cropper is a tool to help you share you favorite YouTube videos online.Here's how to cut a YouTube video that's not yours online. Step 1. Go to Kapwing and click on Start editing. Step 2. Copy the URL of the royalty-free video you want to edit and paste the link in the box. Step 3. On the editing page, click on Trim in the right panel and cut the video using the sliders. Step 4.One of the best ways, and our favorite method, to download a YouTube video is with the free program youtube-dl. It's capable of downloading any available YouTube video format to your computer, including the HD version. However, using youtube-dl is a bit more complex and is designed for more experienced, and advanced, computer users.Step 1 Navigate to the YouTube website ( Find the video that you want to download. Video of the Day Step 2 When you are on the Web page of your favorite video, click the "Share" button and copy the link. This can be found next to the video in a box labeled "URL." Step 3 Navigate to SaveTube ( "Create Clip" panel will open on the right side of the YouTube page. In this panel, click the "Add a Title" box and enter a name for your clip. Then, drag the slider so that it covers the part of the video that you want in your clip. Finally, at the bottom of the panel, click "Share Clip." YouTube will open a small "Share" box.Copy it to your clipboard (Control+C for Windows or Command+C for Mac). 7. Paste the URL into your browser Return to your internet browser and open a new tab. Paste the text that's currently copied onto your clipboard into your address bar. This will open an MP4 version of your YouTube video that you can actually save to your desktop. 8.Open YouTube Go to in your PC's internet browser. Go to a video you need to download Look for the video you need to download onto your PC, or select one from the landing page. The video should start playing. Copy the video's location Click the video's location in the bar at top of your program's window, and copy it.Watching YouTube videos offline through unofficial channels takes money from Google and video creators. There's a reason YouTube runs ads: People make a living this way.Choose an output format. Our video cutter allows different extensions, but for YouTube we would recommend choosing MP4. Click "Cut" button and wait several seconds. Download the result Have a quick preview to check if you are happy with the result. When you are done, save the clip to your phone, computer or upload it to cloud.How to use TubeChop to clip a section of a video. How to use TubeChop to clip a section of a video.Select the section of the video you'd like to clip. You can increase (maximum of 60 seconds) or decrease (minimum of 5 seconds) the length of your selection by dragging the slider. Give the clip a..It is free to use and can download videos and audio from many popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and so on (see Y2Mate security ). Here are steps to "download live stream YouTube" using Y2Mate. Step 1: Go to a browser, search for Y2Mate, and open Y2Mate.Click "Output format" on the right side, head over to "Audio" category and select any audio profile as the output format to save audio from YouTube. If you want to save YouTube MP3, just choose "Audio" > "MP3". Step 4: Start to Rip Audio from YouTube . Click the "inverted triangle " icon at the bottom of the software to define the output path.EaseUS Video Downloader. Easy video downloader to download any video/audio from any website. Download online video & audio in bulk; Download videos to MP3/WAV directly.It only takes 3 steps 1. Copy the URL of your Youtube video to MP4 that you want to download. 2. Paste the link into OFFEO's Youtube Video to MP4 downloader tool and click "Convert Video". 3. Choose from the options of the different formats and click "Download". FAQs on How to download YouTube to MP4 What is a YouTube to MP4?.Go to "File > New Movie Recording". Step 2. Click the "Record" button to start recording YouTube videos. You can click anywhere on the screen to begin recording the entire screen. Step 3. Click the "Stop" button in the menu bar, or press Command + Control + Esc (Escape) to stop and save the recording.If you want to capture a sound from a video, movie or audio sound, this tutorial will show you how to create and upload your own Istagram reels audio sound w..To convert and download a YouTube video as an MP3, use a free online YouTube to MP3 converter. There are a variety of free websites you can choose from. One option is Just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert into the search field and click "Go." Choose the quality you want from the drop ..NOTE: VLC Player will save your video file as 1080p. It does not allow to store any higher resolution, even if the actual YouTube stream is available in 2160p or 1440p. This tool also won't convert your video to your other preferred format.Press Win + G to open the Game Bar. In the Capture widget, click the Show All Captures link to see a list of all your captured videos. You can then click a video you want to play. Windows allows ..Point to remember: You can only save public videos in your playlist; if the video owner decides to make the video private or delete the video, you won't view the video in your Watch Later Playlist. This was the most basic and simplest way to save a video to watch later on YouTube. Now let's discuss the steps involved in saving the video on a phone and computer.YouTube does not want to give people permission to save songs as their content brings in money from the advertisements at the start of the songs that have been uploaded to their platform. They are scared that if their users simply saved songs, these advertisements will be seen by fewer people.Whenever you share a YouTube clip with a start time, it appends that time — in seconds — to the end of the url. Take a look: A YouTube URL with embedded start time.Step 3: Click on "Save Video" to save the trimmed video as the only one on your phone, or click on "Save Video as New Clip" to make two copies of this video—original and trimmed. Note: If you want to combine two trimmed video clips, you can use an external app like iMovie after cutting them in the Photos app. 6.Save the video as a GIF file! How do I delete other parts of the video that I don't want to turn into a GIF? + It's understandable that you would only want to take a short clip from a YouTube video and turn that particular clip into a GIF. To delete the rest of the video, you must first trim the video.Getting a good screenshot of a YouTube video is harder than it sounds. I'm excited to report that I've found an online tool that makes it super-easy. But first, some background…. Sometimes you need a still-shot image of someone and one of the best sources can be a screen capture from YouTube. Most professionally shot video is very high quality, well-lit and in-focus. Not as perfect as a ..Cute Video Cutter is another easy-to-use free YouTube video trimmer to cut clips out of large videos and convert them to many other formats, such as MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP3, SWF, WEBM, AAC, WMA, WAV, 3GP, AVI and FLV. You can also change video resolution, take snapshots from the video and save them in JPG or other image formats.There are two ways to do this: on your computer using the browser, or on any platform by adding a few characters to any YouTube URL. Let's start on the desktop. Below the video title and the "Subscribe" button for the channel, you'll see a "Share" button. Click this and you'll see the share box.Unlike YouTube, there are some pretty significant differences between a video and a clip. While full-length on-demand videos do exist, not all Twitch streams are saved automatically.In this article, you'll learn 3 comprehensive methods on how to save YouTube videos to computer, mobile phone or tablet in 8K/4K/1080p/720p resolution.Follow the methods to save videos from YouTube to watch various YouTube contents on different devices without being connected to the Internet.To begin with the process on how to download from YouTube to USB, go to YouTube and search for the video you wish to grab. Make sure to copy its URL. You can click the link located in the description above to open the YouTube to MP4 converter online.Step 1: Set output directory. Click the wheel icon on the top-right corner and then navigate to the "Downloader" tab to set output directory in the "Save videos to" box. Make sure the target drive has enough space to save the downloaded YouTube videos. Step 2: Get target YouTube video.This audio is of the length of the video and of the same quality. Step 4. Cut audio file. After get the audio file, you can now cut it to suit your needs. Move the slider to the audio part you want to split, right click on the music track in the timeline, and then select "Split" to split the audio. You can also click on the "Scissor ..Record YouTube Audio, using Online Video Converter: Step 1. Go to the YouTube video page and copy the video URL you want to save as an MP3 audio file. Step 2. Open Online Video Converter on the internet, and then paste your video URL in the text field available at the top of the website page. Step 3.So, they prefer to extract audio from YouTube in an online way. For this purpose, Ytmp3 is the recommended option. This tool is 'free and safe' and easy to use. You can convert YouTube videos into mp3 and mp4 formats. A simple step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience: Step 1: Copy YouTube video URL and Paste into Ytmp3.Apr 29, 2008. #2. Yes, it's easy. Go to the video you want. Copy the address. Paste the address in the box at Save Tube. Then get an FLV player for it. VLC is good and easy. You can get one for a memory stick from this link at Portable Apps.What are YouTube Clips? Clips is a relatively new feature introduced by YouTube that mimics a similar and very popular feature from livestream platforms such as Twitch. Clips can be up to 60 seconds in length and created from most YouTube videos - although not all. Users making Clips will get access to a draggable timeline editor that will ..With the way YouTube hands out copyright strikes like free candy, it's best to save what you can, when you can. Any computer can do it too, with a Google account. Step 1: Find your video.To save the file in MP3 format, you need to get LAME for Audacity from the LAME download site. LAME is available for both the Windows and macOS. Once downloaded, install LAME on the computer. When you have completed your recording, click File and choose Export. Select MP3 Files in the Save as type drop-down list. Enter a File name and click Save.Step 2: Once opened, tap the safari icon in the bottom right and select in the browser menu. Next, head to the YouTube website or app and get the direct link to the preferred video. Find the video, choose share>copy link. The link will copy to the clipboard.Here are the steps: Step 1: Download and install Wise Video Downloader, which is a totally free for windows users. Step 2: Copy the video link you want to download. After launching the program, you need to copy the web address of the video which you want to download. And then click "Download". Step 3: Select download format.Click Share in the top toolbar.; Click Local.; Add the Filename and choose a location to Save to.; If you have a specific video requirement, you can tweak the advanced settings. For more information, see Advanced Settings.; Preview your video before you render and save it on your device.Step 1) Download and install any YouTube to MP3 converter tool from the above-given list or go to the tool's website. Step 3) Search and find the song's video which you want to convert. Step 4) Copy the URL link of the video. Step 5) Open the YouTube to MP3 converter tool and paste the link in the given bar.This workflow will download the YouTube video, convert the video to MP3/M4A audio, then give the file a name (taken from the title of the video) and save it to iCloud. Change the video to a lower ..Click the Download button next to the version of the program you want to install: be it Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), macOS, or Ubuntu. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) 2. Once 4K YouTube to MP3 has ..7. Finally, hit the Save button on the top right of the screen to save the video. If you want to save it as a new video, click the small arrow -> Save As. 8. Later, if you want to revert the edited version to the original one, just repeat step 1 to 3, and then hit the Revert to Original button.Step 2: Open audacity and start with configuring the program to record audio from YouTube. Hit Edit option on the top menu and click on the preferences section. Thanks to its utility and features, it is still the go-to choice for quick-and-dirty audio work. Step 3: It will turn to a new window with a number of options for configuring your sound ..Now open the Allavsoft software. When you open the software you can see a screen as shown in the above image. In that screen, the first empty row is for pasting the Video link from which you want to download audio. Now copy the link from YouTube and paste it in the mentioned row. Steps to copy the video link from YouTube: 1. Open YouTube on ..Press "Ctrl + S" to save the video as MP4. Convert it to an MP3 file with any video converter. Save Your Favorite Songs for Later. You can use any of the methods above to save any YouTube video as an audio file you can enjoy later.How to save YouTube videos offline. 1) Launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad and start watching a video. 2) Pause the video, then tap the Save button. The button resembles a downward-pointed arrow and can be found below the video player (or under the Details tab in the YouTube Gaming app).Step 2: Add URL to PowerPoint. Launch PowerPoint if it is not already open, go to the slide you want to embed the YouTube video to, click Insert from menu bar present above the Ribbon, click Video from the Media section at the right end of the Ribbon, click Online Video from the list that appears, in the Enter the URL for the online video field ..How To Rip a YouTube Video Using VLC Player. .. Right-click on the video and choose Save Video As. By default, the video will be saved as videoplayback (without a format). So give your file a name and try first with an mp4 format. If that doesn't work, then try avi.You may hate funny cat videos or game reviews, but the chances are you still use YouTube. A mammoth of video content, YouTube is a go-to spot for many.To download a YouTube video to an iPhone, copy the link from the YouTube app, then use and Documents to save it to your device (Image credit: Readdle Inc).1. Save the Trimmed Video to Computer. After you trim video in PowerPoint, you may wish to use the clip in other projects too. The good thing is, it is easy to save the modified media to your PC. To do so: Right-click the video after trimming; Click Save Media as; Save the clip with your preferred name on your local hard drive.Method 1 Download YouTube Videos with Online YouTube Video Downloader - Free Way.Save any YouTube video to your hard drive for offline viewing with these simple instructions. You can also convert saved videos to MP3 for music listening.There are many cases when people wish to rip the audio from these clips since they are not interested in watching the images. This is convenient when listening to podcasts on MP3 players or music that is uploaded to YouTube as a video clip. Fortunately, extracting audio-only from YouTube is possible.Simply, enter 'ss' after 'www.' but before ''. After you've entered it, simply press the 'Enter' button on your keyboard. Next, you get redirected to a free download site. 3. Go to the Download Site. Once redirected, there are plenty of free services to use that you don't need to download or install.It can detect YouTube videos in an entire playlist or save all the videos from a specific channel. If you are an audiophile and prefer to archive those lovely melodies from a YouTube video, this tool helps you to convert online video into MP3 on-the-fly.However, it appears that VLC is only going to save your file as 1080p and not any higher, even if the original YouTube stream was available in 1440p or 2160p (aka 4K). It also won't convert video ..Tap New clip to automatically create an instant clip. It will take a short time to create your clip and save your clip in the Nest app. Choose what you want to do with your clip: Tap Save to photos to download the clip to your phone or tablet. Tap Share link for options for how to share the clip. Tap Cancel to delete the clip.It offers a smart way to save YouTube to iPhone since it also converts the YouTube video as well as audio to a suitable iPhone format. The application blocks adverts, which are known to annoy users. .. It is one of the easiest ways to get short video clips from YouTube to iPhone. It is also capable of sending other items wirelessly like map ..Let's see how to use this free YouTube clipper to cut and trim videos without watermark. Go to "View", open "Advanced Controls". Record the video clip you need by hitting the red recod button. Play the video and pause it by the end of the desired section, and the trimmed part will be saved on your disk automatically.Tap on the Project you want to save. Tap on the Share button (looks like a square with an arrow shooting up out of it.) Tap on Save Video. Tap on OK to finish. Next, launch the messenger or network you want to use, and upload the file. Launch Snapchat from your Home screen. Swipe up to access Memories, bottom middle.Here's how you can download your YouTube audio using YouTube to Mp3 Converter: Step 1: Go to YouTube to Mp3 Converter. You have to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert in the search bar and click on 'Go'. Step 2: Next, click the drop-down menu and select the format for conversions, such as MP3 or M4A.Usually URL can be easily located via social share button. STEP 2: paste URL from clipboard to the white input-box above and press big red GO button, download options will load. STEP 3: now select the codec format, dimension and file size, convert online video to mp4 or mp3 and download. Online video converter. Youtube to mp4.To save YouTube music to your computer, it only needs three steps. Step 1: Copy the video link of YouTube music and go to MP3hub and paste the video URL into the search box. Step 2: Choose the music you'd like to save.Set preferable image format, choose the path to save the files (or leave it blank to save to your Pictures folder) and also the recording ratio. The ratio will save an image every chosen number of frames (example: if a video is 30 frames per second, a value of 150 will save an image every 5 seconds).When you want to take a screenshot on YouTube, press the PrtSc key. Then it will capture the entire screen, so you'd better play the YouTube video in full-screen mode. Step 2. Then open Word and press Ctrl + V to paste it. Step 3. Right-click on the screenshot and choose Save as picture to save it on your computer. Way 2: YouTube Screenshot ..1. You can also use vibby. It allows you to create a video as a part of a youtube video. You copy the youtube link, select the start and the end time, save it as a New Vib and you can share it. :) It's not youtube-only solution, but it helped me with my requirement, so it might help someone ese too. :).There are so many apps available at Google Play Store to save videos offline to your local storage. But why? Google is offering their service to download YouTube videos from the YouTube app itself. The same feature is available for both Android and iOS devices. Follow the steps properly to save videos offline in YouTube app.The problem with online services that promise video downloading is that they don't last long. In fact, an earlier version of this article contained a list of 11 such services, most of which don't ..Among other benefits (including ad-free videos, original shows and unlimited music streaming), YouTube's $10-a-month Red subscription service lets you save any YouTube video for offline viewing.Alternative to YouTube Clips: Use a URL Trick. Before YouTube Clips were a thing, people who wanted to share a particular part of a YouTube video used a URL trick. This is a built-in feature of YouTube that doesn't require anything else for you to get started. Open a YouTube video on your PC and go to the part you want to share.Desktop YouTube Downloader (MiniTool uTube Downloader) Online YouTube Downloader: Pros: It is absolutely free and has No Ads. You are free to download, as many as you ..Thus, to save YouTube videos to iPhone, you need to find other workable ways, which are all detailed here. No matter what your purpose is, as long as you want to save a YouTube video to your iOS device, this guide is for you.From the upper right, click Create Go live. Click Stream or Manage and start a stream. When something interesting happens, add a stream marker, tap Insert stream marker from the top right. From the top, click Create highlight . Trim the video: Select what you want to highlight. You can drag the handlebars on the timeline or edit the timestamps.Step 6: Save and Publish. Once all the edits are done, you can save the video by clicking on File then clicking on Publish Movie. You will need to select where you want to save the file and the file type. Since we are editing videos for YouTube, choose YouTube to upload the edited video to YouTube.Part 1: Why save YouTube videos to the camera roll? YouTube has one of the most extensive collections of videos on the web. From educational videos and gameplays to music videos and more - you name it, and it will be available on YouTube. It has a dedicated app for its iOS users, where they can watch unlimited videos without paying anything at ..Finally, you can compile multiple clips into a single clip and then hit "SAVE HASHCUT" to finish your work. 6. VideoCrops. VideoCrops is another wonderful tool to download a part of the YouTube video you want. It has limited tools as it is free. .. If you want to save only a part of the YouTube video, you can drag the play header to the ..However, similar sites like YouTube Doubler have been up for years, so it may not be a worrisome issue. Otherwise, this clever little site is one of the simplest ways you can turn a favorite clip ..Step 1. Insert a blank CD to DVD/CD Recorder Drive. Step 2. Open WMP, enter Library mode, and click Burn Tab in the upper right corner. Step 3. Click on the Burn Options drop-down list and select the Audio CD or Data CD. Step 4. In the left Library, drag the audio files you need to burn into the Burn list. Step 5.Then simply stop once your desired video clip is included in the blue box. As you can see, the portions out of the box in grey will be cut out and removed. You can "PREVIEW" to check it and finish the trimming operation with "SAVE". 1.3 Trim YouTube video: the middle.Step 4. Click "Tools" > "Codec Information". Step 5. Copy the content in the Location section and paste it into the address bar of a browser. Step 6. Click "More" > "Download" to save the video to your PC. As you can see, this is not a direct way to download videos from YouTube. But it's workable.Find the video you want to download off YouTube and copy its URL. 2. Open VLC. If you're on a PC, click "Media" at the top of the screen, and then "Open Network Stream." If you're on a Mac, click ..Method 1: Send YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Directly. The most time-saving way for sharing YouTube video to WhatsApp is to copy and paste the URL directly. Follow the post to see how to share YouTube videos in WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Open the video on YouTube and then click on the "Share" button.SaveFrom TikTok Video Downloader is absolutely free. Use the TikTok video download service and watch offline videos in Full HD, HD and SQ files on any modern device. The TikTok downloader allows selecting file format before saving!.From YouTube's own subscription options to third-party apps, there are several ways to save your YouTube favorites to your iOS device. Never again will you return to a favorite video and find it ..The extension adds an extra button to Twitch clips next to the "Watch Full Video" button labeled "Download Clip," making it easy to save clips to your PC. Trending Articles. Riot is ..You save your streams or Twitch VODs to edit them for your Youtube Channel and other social media platforms. All the videos you create can be repurposed into more content. Said content will translate to a bigger social media presence, which in turn, will turn into more viewers for your streams.Next, select the Nest device from the cameras you'd like to save video clips for. You'll need to do this one at a time. Then select the history button from the bottom bar UI. As shown in the ..Tap "Save as New Clip" if you want to keep the original video and save the trimmed part of the video as a new video clip. This is ideal if you want to cut a clip out of a longer video and share it with someone else without losing that original, longer video. Your video will now be saved.Click it and a new tab will open. The new tab shows the clip being created. The clip will be 30 seconds long and will have buttons for copying a link to it, and sharing it to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. A button at the bottom lets you watch the entire video that the clip was extracted from and follow the broadcaster.Blerp has the easiest way to turn a Twitch clip into a soundbite! Check out the step-by-step process.Right-click (or Control-click on macOS) the audio icon or video, and click Save Media as. Tip: Ensure your disk has enough space to save the media file, otherwise you'll have to free up space and try again. In the Save Media as dialog box, choose a folder and also enter a name for the media file. If the Save Media as option doesn't appear on ..