how to download videos from youtube to my phone

  To save a video from YouTube to your Android, launch the YouTube app, find the video you want to download, then tap Download below the video and choose quality options, such as 720p or 360p. The video will be saved as exo files which is encrypted.To download videos using the official YouTube app, open any video first and tap the Download button below the title of the video. YouTube will ask you about the download quality, so just select the..Open your YouTube app and search for the video you want to download. Tap that video to open it. Then, you can find the download button below the YouTube video player. Next, tap the Download button to continue. The Download video interface will appear. You can select your needed video output format and tap OK to start the downloading process.To save a video from YouTube to iPhone/iPad with the YouTube App: Step 1. Launch the YouTube app on your iOS device and play the video you want to download. Step 2. Click "Download" to save the YouTube video to your iPhone or iPad. Step 3. When it has done, tap "Library" > "Downloads" to check the downloaded videos. Method 3.How can you save videos from YouTube to your phone? If you are using an Android phone, you can try TubeMate. The tutorial is below. Download and install TubeMate on your phone. Launch the TubeMate app and then search for the videos you want to save. Press the green downloading arrow to save it on your phone.HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEO ON ANDROID PHONEFree save online videos from 1000+ sites to Android, iPhone, PC, TV: can download YouTube videos with the Download button to your phone or tablet if you're any of the following:• A YouTube Premium member• In a select count..Go to the video you want to download. Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen to search, or tap Library at the bottom-right corner to browse videos you've saved. Once you get to the video, it will start playing immediately. 4 Tap Share. It's the icon with an arrow below the video's title. Several sharing icons will appear. 5.Download MP4 Step 1: Open a Convert Video Tool Head over to Kapwing on your device, click "Tools," and scroll down to select the Convert Video tool. Then visit YouTube, find the video you want to save, and copy and paste the link. With the free version of Kapwing, you can export videos up to seven minutes long.Open YouTube on your iPhone. If you do not have one, you need to download it from App Store and then install it on your device. 2. Sign in YouTube by typing in your username and passcode. 3. Click the "Menu" button at the upper left corner and a drop-down list will appear. 4. Tap "Upload" button which is next to "My Channel". 5.Open the app and search for the video you want to download from YouTube. Tap the Download icon. Select the quality of the video you want to download. Tap the red Download icon. Tap the small, white Download icon from the bottom of the app to find the offline video.Click "download" to save the video to your phone. Step 3. When it finished, you can check the items in "Library"> "Downloads" Method 4 :Download YouTube Videos via Screen Record. Except the methods we mentioned above, you can also get your YouTube video by recording them. This method may be a little bit time-consuming, but it works.Simply copy a YouTube link and the video will automatically be added to the queue in Softorino YouTube Converter. Choose Video as your download option and then select the video quality. Select..Now go to YouTube and search for the video that you wish to record and play it. Now copy the video URL by selecting it with CTRL + A, then CTRL + C. Step 3 Paste the URL in the downloader. Now open UniConverter again and on the downloader screen, paste the URL by clicking on the Paste URL option on the screen's top-left corner.Open "Settings" and click on "downloads" to adjust the download quality of your videos. How to download a YouTube video on your phone (Android and iOS) Sign into YouTube Premium account on ..Open "Settings" and click on "Downloads" to adjust the download quality of your videos. How to download a YouTube video on your phone (Android and iOS) Sign into YouTube Premium account on the YouTube app.It may seem like a bit of a challenge, but you can learn how to download YouTube videos to your laptop or desktop, or to your iPhone or iPad, for viewing anytime -- even when you are offline.Swipe through the videos to find the correct one. 2 Tap Share. While on the correct video, tap on the screen once to reveal more options. Tap on the icon that says "Share." 3 Tap the YouTube option. Depending on your device and setup, you may need to click "More" to find the YouTube option. Scroll through the list to find the YouTube option. 4.Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left panel, select Content. Point to the video you'd like to download, and select Menu then Download. If you blurred or trimmed your video, you can download and..You can download Youtube videos by installing Youtube app in your phone. Open Youtube downloader Enter the name of your video in search box Tap the video you want to save. select the format and download. 1.1K views Prasanna Kumar , Bba Finance, Business Administration (2021) Answered 5 years ago.Near the top of the list, click the "YouTube Studio" option. Choose "Videos" from the sidebar on the left. Hover over any video to bring up a menu. Click "Options," at the end of the menu (the three vertical dots). Click "Download." YouTube should immediately start to download an mp4 version of your uploaded video. Advertisement.Step 1. Launch the program on iPhone and sign in to your account. Step 2. Go back to select songs you like, tap the three dots next to the music title, and select 'Download'. Note: Once the subscription expires, you can no longer access the downloaded YouTube music on your iPhone. Part 2.i thank u for watching my video 💚💓my next video will be how to get free airtime on boomplay 💰🏆🎉 ️🤑💥⭐🌟 god bless you ️🎖️😍🎉 yours is yours thanks ..To save your downloaded videos to your iPhone or iPad hard drive, go back to the Documents app home screen and open your Downloads folder. 8. Find the video you want and tap the three dots icon on..The next time you want to download mp3 audios of YouTube videos, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 will remember your device without you having to connect it to your PC. So the next time you are sitting in a different room or your iPhone is on a charge, you don't need to get up and connect your iPhone to the PC when if you want to convert YouTube ..Watching videos has become one of the biggest pastimes since Covid-19 hit us. Here we show you how to download YouTube videos on your smartphone, PC.Copy the URL of the YouTube video. Open Safari, if it's not already open. Go to SaveFrom.Net. Paste the URL in the Search field. Tap the arrow. Hold on Download > Download Linked File. Finally, tap on the Downloads icon at the top. How to download videos on iPhone from Safari.That said, if you follow along with us below, we'll show you how you can use a much more reputable service called 4K Video Downloader to download your favorite YouTube videos. Let's get ..Find the video you want to download, and on the video page, click the Share icon located below the video (an arrow pointing to the right). In the Share video window that opens, tap the Copy option to copy the video URL. Press the Home button again and open the Documents app once more.Take your favorite videos with you. There are a few ways you can go about getting YouTube videos to your Android phone. One simple method to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription. If you pay the ..AnyDroid is known as the best Android app to download YouTube videos.It sort of works as a customizable transfer manager for your Android and Mac at the same time, letting you export music, contacts, backups, photos, and videos via WiFi.We'll take a look at a couple of different ways that you can download YouTube videos to your iPhone for offline viewing. YouTube Premium One of the more obvious reasons to pay for Premium is to get rid of ads, but one of the perks of YouTube Premium is that you can save videos for offline viewing.For this, just tap on "Me" > settings icon on the top > Download settings. After that, just change the "Download path" to "Downloads" or wherever you want the videos to get downloaded. Note: All those who are planning to download YouTube videos are advised to do that after taking the permission of the creator.Here we list latest best 12 Apps to download YouTube videos on Android and iOS with efficiency, reliability, and speed. Find your best one!.YouTube is the most popular video sharing website where thousands of people from upload interesting videos daily. Videos are free to watch, you can watch them unlimited times and if you are logged into YouTube through your Google account, you can even like the video, subscribe its channel, mark it to watch later, etc.How do I download YouTube videos to my phone? The official way to grab videos to enjoy offline is with a YouTube Premium subscription. If you throw a bit of cash Google's way for a Premium ..Follow the steps mentioned below to download YouTube videos on mobile phone. 1. First, open the YouTube app on your Android mobile or iOS device. 2. Next, simply open the video that you want to ..Google can send you a download link for your videos, or there's the option to automatically stow them away inside of Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage services. You can also choose to "Export Once" or "Export Every 2 Months For 1 year" from this menu.How to download a Facebook video to your iPhone. There's no way to download videos directly in the Facebook app. So if you want to save a video from Facebook, you'll need the help of to save videos to your phone. Start downloading Facebook videos by following these steps: Find the video you want to download in the Facebook app.After your videos have been downloaded to your phone or tablet, you will find them by visiting Library > Downloads. Having YouTube Premium is like having a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime.Suppose you have download YouTube videos on PC while thinking about how to see them on your phone. Then you should try the easiest software of Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) , allowing you to transfer your photos , music, videos, contacts, messages, etc. between computer and iPhone directly.Normally, if you want to download a YouTube video, you have to be paying for YouTube Premium, and even then, you have to do it on your phone using the YouTube app.What if you want to watch a video ..STEP 2. Enter the keywords of your preferred audio in the search bar, then tap the search button. STEP 3. Find the audio/video in the search result page, and hit the download button. If you want ..After you selected all the videos and added them to the tool, click on the Transfer option to start transferring all the videos to your phone. After that, you can safely remove the data cable from your phone and computer. Part 3. 5 Methods to Transfer YouTube Offline Videos from Mobile to Mac/PC.To get that ID, open a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer and access the YouTube site. On the site, find your video and click it.Simply copy and paste the video URL into the site, choose the video quality, press 'convert', press 'download', and hey presto: the video will be downloaded straight onto your computer as ..The biggest issue is, this feature doesn't really download a video to save on your computer forever. It is more akin to the download feature found on mobile apps for Netflix and Hulu, which makes ..Unfortunately, you can't get it both ways. The video will then be saved on your android device. Downloading the Video Online If you are looking to download the video online, head over to YouTube ..Tap on the Videos tab and locate the Shorts video that you want to download. Tap on the three-dot icon next to the video and choose Download video. Another way to open the Shorts video like a normal video is to tap on the music icon at the bottom of the Shorts video. Then tap on the arrow icon next to the video title.Disclaimer: Any copy-protected or authorized videos you download from YouTube playlist are not recommended for commercial use. About The Author. Cecilia Hwung . Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative ..Next, copy the URL from the address bar. After this, open the website and paste the website address in the box at the top and press go. The conversion process will start, and you will be able to download music from YouTube. You can select from a range of different file types including MP3 and MP4.Answer (1 of 26): When I was young there was always a sense of eagerness in my heart that I wanna download this youtube video in my gallery because I love to watch it again and again but those days I had no knowledge . Eventually , today it is possible not just possible but we can say a job of se..Here's how to use the Beta-version method: 1. Go to and sign into your account, if necessary. 2. Click your profile photo in the top-right corner of the screen and select "YouTube ..Learn how to download YouTube videos in MP4 or MP3 format on your desktop computer or mobile device. .. This might not be the "official" solution, but if you want that same MP4 video on your phone, you can email it to yourself and open it up as an attachment, and you're good to go!.Go to a video you need to download. Look for the video you need to download onto your PC, or select one from the landing page. The video should start playing. Copy the video's location. Click the video's location in the bar at top of your program's window, and copy it. Click Paste Link.Let's quickly take a look at how to download YouTube videos on mobile without any software in Google Chrome. Step 1: Launch the YouTube app on your mobile phone and search for the specific video. Step 2: Click the video thumbnail and tap on the "Share" button. Step 3: Select "Copy Link" from the list to copy the video link to your clipboard.Option #1: If you have an Android phone you can use an app called InsTube. This app makes downloading videos to your phone super simple and free. Option #2: If you have an iPhone running on IOS you are not going to be able to use InsTube to download your YouTube videos.Here you can select Download quality for your offline videos as well as disable the "Download over Wi-Fi only" option. If you are looking to download videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other OTT platforms, check how you can do it.YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that helps users to watch, like, comment, and upload any videos with ease. It provides one of the best methods to communicate with your audience whether you are promoting products or providing information to students.Import photos and videos from an Android phone to PC. First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can't find the device if the device is locked. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. Select Import > From a connected device ..1) Converting YouTube Video to Music (MP3) format. This is one of the easiest ways to convert music videos from YouTube to mp3 on iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below: Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video. Step 2. Now go to YTMP3 (a YouTube to MP3 converter), and paste the URL that you've just copied.Similar to other video streaming services, YouTube Premium provides unlimited access to YouTube videos and music, at a price that's cheaper than other streaming services. Unlike youtube-dl, however, YouTube Premium only allows users to view videos from in the app.The video will download in the background, so you can keep using your phone as normal - though downloading videos uses a lot of juice and might make your batter run down faster. You can also add ..candiva2013: Dear friends, I need your help. I have been trying to download videos from you tube to my laptop and phone to no avail. Please i need you to inform me on how to achieve this.Once you import the video, right-click on the "Audio Detach" option to find the audio track on your timeline. Click on the chosen track to select and export.To be able to view YouTube videos offline, you need to have the videos saved on your device. It may sound complicated, but the steps are quite simple. 1. Go to your phone's Home screen. 2. Open the YouTube application on your iPhone. 3. Search for the video that you want to save. Play the video by tapping on it. 4.Step 1. Run EaseUS Video Downloader, choose "Quick Search" from the left pane. Step 2. Search for your wanted video by inputting keywords related to your video in the Search box, then click the "Search" button. Or you can directly copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download into the Search box.To download a Facebook video to your iPhone, tap Share on the video and then Copy Link. Then use the MyMedia app to go to, paste the link, and tap Download the file. Next, go to the Media tab and tap Save to Camera Roll. Download the MyMedia - File Manager app. You can find this app in the Apple App Store.Click the "Download" icon that's just below the video player. Select the video quality. When the download completes, the "Download" icon will change to "Downloaded." If you want to watch your downloaded videos, you can find them under either the Library or Account tabs. When you're finished with a downloaded video, just click the "Downloaded ..Solution 4. How to Download Videos from Phone to Computer with Memory Card Reader. If your Android phone has an SD memory card and your video files are saved on this memory card, you can transfer the video from your Android phone to your computer via a card reader. This method is easy to implement and has a high success rate. Step 1.In the browser type and then open the website. Paste the copied URL link there and tap on the Download button. Once you tap on it, a new download link will pop up. Tap Download the File and then type in a name for your saved video. Your Video will be saved in the app.Step 4: This redirects to another website, which also provides similar content, along with the option to download the YouTube video on the Jio Phone. Step 5: Scroll down on the new website to find ..1. In your desktop browser, go to the Facebook website and find the video you want to download. For the purposes of this guide, we'll use the most recent video on the official Tom's Guide ..How to upload YouTube video from iPhone or iPad using Safari. Tap the account icon at the top right. Click the upload icon. You will be redirected to the desktop site of YouTube Studio. Tap Select Files. Choose your video from Photo Library or Take Photo or Video and tap Add. Add Title and description.To download YouTube video 1080p, find a link with "video/mp4" content type. Click the item on the left list, see whether the Content-Type is "video/mp4" or not in the right part of the screen. When you find it, just copy the URL on upper right "Request URL" column and paste the URL in a new address bar.Usually, we download YouTube in MP4 format, yet if you want to convert YouTube to WMV, convert YouTube to FLAC, convert YouTube to WAV and so on, you can select the video & audio format or device you need in the Converter module and convert them freely.YouTube is the second most visited social platform in the world, with over 30 million visitors per day. Also, having over 300 hours of video uploaded on the platform every minute has made the platform the go-to destination for uploading and watching videos.Step 3: Rip Audio or Video. As soon as you share the video to Peggo, the app will be ready to download an MP3. You can adjust options like "Remove Silence" and "Normalize," but beyond that, just tap "Record MP3" to grab a copy of the audio track from this video.The problem with online services that promise video downloading is that they don't last long. In fact, an earlier version of this article contained a list of 11 such services, most of which don't ..Go to "File > New Movie Recording". Step 2. Click the "Record" button to start recording YouTube videos. You can click anywhere on the screen to begin recording the entire screen. Step 3. Click the "Stop" button in the menu bar, or press Command + Control + Esc (Escape) to stop and save the recording.There are many tools available that will allow you to download YouTube videos on your PC or desktop. In this example, I'll be using KeepVid.Pro. This app is completely free and works just as well as other apps that you have to pay for. Step 1.Since most Youtubers often sort videos into different thematic playlists according to the property of the video and the interest of the wide Youtube users.But you aren't always around a TV or a DVD player, so you may have to resort to videos on a computer, phone or tablet. That's usually no problem either, just go to YouTube or Vimeo, do a quick search for some cartoons, and let the kid start watching.After that, get this shortcut to download YouTube Video as MP3 on your iPhone. You can simply copy the YouTube video URL and run this shortcut. If you are using the YouTube app, you can also run this shortcut from the share sheet.Once the link has been copied to your clipboard, you will be able to paste it in a text message or email, open the video in your web browser, and/or share it on social networks. How to find the link on PC? If you've seen a YouTube video on your computer that you'd like to share, click on the Share button below the video.10 Ways to download YouTube videos online for free: These assorted options include free YouTube apps supporting all file format options. Be on the lookout for a few picks that allow you to ..Here's the step by step tutorial on how to download YouTube videos without any software with YouTubeMP4. Step 1: First, get hold of the URL of the YouTube video. Then visit the YouTubeMP4 site and paste the link over the space provided. Step 2: Hit the "Convert" button. Now, it will fetch the video from the URL.Photo: Vimeo isn't nearly on YouTube's level in terms of popularity, but it's still a widely used service. In an ideal world, Vimeo's high-quality videos and upload system would be more of a challenger to the YouTube behemoth.Find and paste the URL of the video in the input field. Click the green "Download" button to save it, or choose the format you like (MP3, MP4, WEBM, 3GP). Then click on the gray arrow on the right of the Download button in order to choose the preferred format. Now you can enjoy the videos and playlists offline!.When you want to download a YouTube video to MP3 format, you need to convert it into an MP3 audio format and save that audio file in your mobile or PC to listen offline.By this time, your video should be downloading. If the creator's channel has other videos, 4K Video Downloader will ask if you want to download them as well. Keep in mind that you can only download up to 24 videos at a time. Once your download is complete, you can find it in the destination folder where you saved it and you can play it from ..Step 1. Use EaseUS Video Editor to convert YouTube video to audio. Step 2. Transfer the audio to your Android phone, open the YouTube to ringtone app, and you can see a list of audio files present on your Android device. Now, tap the three dots next to the song you wish to edit, then select "Edit".Double-click that to see the full URL, right-click it, and then choose Copy. Open a new tab in Firefox (or any browser) and enter that into the navigation bar. Right-click the video in that tab and choose Save Video As. Download videoplayback.mp4 to your computer to save the YouTube video. You can rename it if you want.The video will download in the background, so you can keep using your phone as normal - though downloading videos uses a lot of juice and might make your batter run down faster. You can also add ..If you'd like to save your phone's internal memory, you can opt for downloading from YouTube Music directly to your SD card. Before going to the steps, make sure you have an SD card inserted ..YouTube 1080P videos are so excellent that deliver higher quality, improved clarity and realisticness. Are you on fire for them, but upset about the unstable network and Irrelevant advertising?.This post teaches you how to download YouTube app for Windows 11/10 PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone so that you can easily watch YouTube content and manage your YouTube account. For solutions for other computer issues, you can visit MiniTool Software official website.Save and download video . You'll now see a save dialogue box. Feel free to rename the file (which will by default take the video's title in YouTube) and hit Done. Your video will now start to ..With Clideo, you can convert a video to a soundtrack for your phone's ringtone and cut its length. Our tool works online right in a browser, unlike apps that should be installed. Keep reading and get to know how to make a Youtube song your ringtone on Android, iPhone or any other device.If you are to download your own file from Google Drive installed on your iPhone, you can directly have it downloaded within the app. Step 1. Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone and locate the video you want to download . Step 2. Tap on the More option (three dots to the right) and scroll down to select "Send a copy" > "Save Video". Step 3.Step 3: Download the videos from Android phone to computer. Go to Videos on the left items list > Choose the videos you want and tick the table square > Click "Export" on the top. If you can't find your videos in your document library, try to change your document library path to a familiar one, for example, desktop.Videos can take up a lot of space on your phone, so delete or store elsewhere after use. Each new software update is making it simpler to download videos to your iPhone from the internet. And unless you are on the updated software, it can be a challenge to download a video from the internet to your phone.Click the Save icon on a video on your iOS or Android phone or tablet and select your video quality: Medium (360p video) or High (720p)—some offer a Low (144p) option. Grab a whole playlist if ..Step 2: Connect your device via USB cable. Step 3: Copy the URL link of the track and select the format and device (iPad) Step 4: Click on the Convert and Transfer to iPad button to download the song. Step 5: Find your song in the music app on your phone.Method 1: Send YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Directly. The most time-saving way for sharing YouTube video to WhatsApp is to copy and paste the URL directly. Follow the post to see how to share YouTube videos in WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Open the video on YouTube and then click on the "Share" button.YouTube offers two subscription services. YouTube Premium (previously known as Red) allows you to play videos in the background and comes with access to original video content for $11.99 a month. YouTube Music is a music streaming service that allows YouTube videos to play in the background for $9.99 a month.There is a possible chance where you would be willing to download music from YouTube, for instance- you want the exact unique music to dance on which had been aired on a reality show that is available on YouTube.To download audio files from YouTube videos online, open and paste the YouTube link in the text box. Make sure you've selected mp3 below the text box and then click Convert .The following are the steps that you will follow to repair your corrupted videos downloaded from YouTube. Step 1 Adding the video. Firstly, you will add the video to the interface to pursue the repairing process. for that, click on the Add (+) option and upload the video. Step 2 Automatic repair.In 2021, YouTube introduced Youtube Shorts, which allows publishers to post short length videos under one minute in length. YouTube Shorts have become popular and are one of the easiest methods to earn views on videos. Many creators have been posting their short videos in different categories such as tech, comedy, knowledge, dance, and more. While you can always watch a YouTube Shorts video by ..Head over to the 4K Video Downloader website, and under the heading 4K Video Downloader, select the blue Download button that corresponds to your computer's operating system. This app is ..Leanne Hays is a Feature Writer at iPhone Life, and has written hundreds of in-depth how-to and troubleshooting articles. She's a former Associate Editor for iPhone Life magazine, and has written for the Iowa Source, as well as web content for education marketing.Leanne has an associate's degree in education, with a focus on curriculum development, as well as a bachelor's degree in science.If you have fewer than 10K followers, you can still include the URL to a YouTube video into your story. Here's how to post a video on Instagram using a YouTube link with Swipe-up: Open Instagram and tap the plus button > Story. Tap the chain button at the top > URL. Paste the URL and click Done. Share your story.Choose your preferred option, and the video will start processing and get saved to your computer, tablet, or phone. B. Cisdem Video Converter for Mac Like the previous tool, Cisdem also allows you to download videos from over 1000 platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.Well the next day he got really bad again and my husband decided to take him to hospital, when you get there you see a doctor first before your admitted to a ward . The doctor said he's fine even though his temperature was over 40c my husband stood his ground and refused to leave until he was seen by a paediatrician.Open the Facebook live videos that you want to save in Chrome. Click the Facebook video downloader icon at the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Wait a few minutes for the download button to appear. When you click Download MP4, a new tab will appear. Click the Download button.Download from Mixcloud to Android Phone. The method to download music from Mixcloud on Android phone is quite similar to that on iPhone, you still need an application to save the downloaded Mixcloud files. Here we recommend ES File Explorer, which can download and manage your documents on Android phone. Step 1.Login to, click for the 3-dots on the top right of the video post, then select Copy link. Back on the app, click Paste URL, paste in the URL you copied earlier, and click Download. Select MP4, then click Download to initiate downloading of video. Check the "Save to" path to locate your downloaded video.Choose the " Video Projects " and then click the " Import " option to choose the " From a USB device ". Select your Samsung phone on the pop-up page. - After that, you may scan your videos on the computer, please pick out the videos you want to transfer. Click the " Continue " button.How to Download a Video from Discord - Mobile App If you're using the mobile version of Discord, you can still download videos from the platform onto your phone. All you need to do is follow ..Once discovered, initiate a connection between the two devices. After you have successfully paired the two devices, locate the music file (s) you wish to download to your cell phone. PC: Right-click the file, and choose Send To > Bluetooth. Select your device from the menu, and follow on-screen instructions. Mac: Open your Bluetooth menu.Step 1: Go to the official site of Dropbox and log in using your id and password. Once logged in successfully& select the video you want to download. Step 2: Click on the three dots next to Open and choose "Download" as shown in the image& and you are done. The process of downloading will start and take some time.