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Generally speaking, when youtube video creators create, they need to use background music to improve the audio-visual experience of the video. How to choose BGM has become the most troublesome problem in choosing difficult diseases. Save from youtube to mp3, maybe it can help you solve the problem of lack of inspiration. Take a look at the videos of other authors, what methods or techniques they have in choosing BGM, and I will summarize several types:

1. Cheerful music


②Blue Sky Athletics


④Heaven and Hell


The brisk and lively rhythm is very suitable for daily scenes. The characters in the play are enjoying their leisure time, and you are enjoying the relaxation brought by the video. The mood gradually becomes soothing, which is very suitable for a cheerful atmosphere.

2. Majestic music

①she is my sin

②opening credits

③halo theme mjonir mix

④in the tunnels

⑤hummell gets the rokets

The visual shock created by thousands of soldiers, combined with the majestic background music, makes people feel blood spurting. If you include these music in your videos, you are sure to get a lot of likes.

3. Quiet Music


②childhood memory

③Valentine's Day

④fairy wings

⑤Aways With Me

The brisk and short background music of the little swan dances, sometimes melodious violin playing, sometimes elegant piano melody. Morning or evening can be felt from the music, the wonderful sound relaxes the ears.

These are the commonly used background music for youtube videos, you may have heard them, but you don't know what they are called. When you can't find these music, you can use the save from youtube video to mp3 tool to convert the youtube video to audio, which is convenient for video editing. This tool is free, save it to your browser favorites to quickly open it next time.